I never had much sex with men and women untill God saved me and I became born again and filled with the holy ghost acts 2:38

  • God sent me out to start a sex ministry
  • I treat God inside my body to sex with people

    sex with all people including men and women

    if you are over 18, we sure want to meet up with you

    wrap your arms around Gods body and make love

    The g8 is the beast with seven heads and ten horns: dream received in may of 2022-in this dream, I was possibly at grace apostolic church, and the reverend jesse jackson was there, behind the glass protection barrier in the office. and I went and told jesse jackson, and my voice got rough at end. I told jesse it was the g8, and may have asked him first if he wanted to know
    my wife steals my van dream-received 9-29-2019-in this dream, my wife steals my van, and floors gas pedal. it took off fast, and she went thru red light. I was yelling, no, no. and I wanted call her, ask bring it back. it sounded like race car. she obviously wanted to commit suicide.
    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 10-23-2011-hollie showed, time, white clothes on, put one hand on other arm, hollie showed, its highbaugh, their whole family, its looking at, hollie stamps, hollie showed, bite something, hey, its him, coming out, its highbaugh looking at, its event, thinking, laughing, reading just uh bit and trembling, hey did you see, thats many highbaughs looking at and they are a religious family, thats them praying, Lord what is this, I thought you were love, and I stamp, hollie said, but raised hand, didnt beat, hollie showed, its the church, raise your hands and repeat after me, its new world order apostolic church, angelhead appearing, but face started dimming, hollie screamed, drove, its one hundred fifty ton crane truck, picked up, its rail car, thats it trying to pick engine up, it will, bob but not very high, thats hollie showed, its just a few feet off ground and hollie drove, its old steam engine, blew, horn, but hey she said, thats Father, thats hollie appearing, its hollie horn, whistle blew, thats, its steam coming out, its, beast, pope coming out, theres hu hintao, you see these two hollie said, they will want to rule the world, hollie showed, mow lawn, she wore white dress, but hey, another, said, he came out, red sweatshirt on, theres border like in dress, with, thats closer view, like, stick bears fighting, hollie face came out of ones head, laughed, its, nigger hollie said, like black hollie, hollie night vision, wearing, its light skirt, small one, showed, its was night vision, looked back at bob, jackie turner inviting bob to event, but scene went blue, hollies face there, but hard to make out, lips seen, they were red, hollie claps, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, leaping, clapping, but had, monkey lips, went to normal face, its kind of golden, happy, hollie showed, eat, she said, stay busy jumpy hollie showed, mow the grass but face started changing, its him, she said, pointed, but body disappeared, its, bob the Lord has just now drawed uh line in the sand but he disappeared, came back but face went kind of blank, theres, that submarine right there, clapped hollie, tap dancing, its her tap dancing with many kings, its the new world order, pope smiled, no, its babyfleas hollie said, appeared, like blue hollie, nice curly hair, i'm screamin for no reason, hollie said, red sweatshirt on, nice brown hair, heres the warning, screamed, hollie, showed, its picture, turned into pope, hey hollie thought, blue background, and I stamp, hollie said, thats beast, its pope, coming out, black horse, hollie showed, bob, get, fan, and it cookout grill, angel came out, showed, fill with rocks, hollie put rocks in, and put in burner over stove, it worked, hollie said, I showed, eat again, hollie said, white in mouth, hey, another, came out, showed, mow lawn, she, was white face herself, hand, its them, hollie said, pointed, he, hollies, their on uh hill, she said, one looked like, hollie thought, smarty, hes starting trouble, hollie showed, turn, golden hand and face, but another came out, showed, its her face, seemed to not be formed all the way but came out of, its golden light, he hollie claps, bobby, hollie showed, take the taperecorder in, angel coming out, going to sleep, like, angel light head on, its speaker of taperecorder, but its inside, showed, hollie, hey she said, hes awake, hollie showed, turn, stomped, showed, its long picture, but disappeared, bobby, its the vision, she said, thats you sleeping, and its, hollie thought, not very much longer, at this pace, God is bringing you home, its now, hollie saw, its shooting star, bobby go find, she said, she said, jumpy hollie, jumping, clapping, golden face, white light streaks in, hands same, hollie showed, eat something, hollie showed, turn, but, showed, go, straight, he hollie this time, but another, hollie came out, what was he doing with his hands, white hands, showing, bobby its the loot, its free, he said, just watch, thats God working on both lopezs, and both agreeing its a good idea one said, hollie pointed, turn, white light hollie, showed, sleep, hollie showed, turn, its hollie that explains looking more normal, hollie showed, turn, big lighted hands, hollie showed, its the beasts image, on, its orange finger, its pope, hollie showed, lay down, clapped hands, they were golden but, bobby when ya gonna git up, she said, thats one o'clock and face of angel appearing, death soon, hollie said, theres bob laying in bed dying, theres tank agin, Father, shot by, hollie ducked in, its, another, came, out, showed, didnt know, he or she but its him, but, same as one that came out, hollie showed, its american wayne legion post tank, 2-27-2011-new, ministry of dreams, said, it, hollie, said, uh, she hollie, God spoke, hollie wiped her lips, Jesus, spoke, hollie said, wearing uh, she said, dark red sweatshirt, and I stamp, hollie said, God said, and scene changes, Jesus and hollie spoke, to, its him in, she said, like avenger hollie, its new, ministryofdreams, hollie said, put it under, she said, dont steal, alter or take, hollie said, God said, wiped her lips, God, said, bob, said, it hollie, same o hollie said, God, spoke, hollie and, Jesus shared, Jesus said, wipes his lips, hollie complained God said, like moving her lips, showed, darn, she said, its, she said, but started fading, Jesus, spoke, hollie said, wearing uh, its dark red sweatshirt, thats, hollie, spoke, looked at Jesus for word, I got the approval, she, spoke, she said, 1972, its uh gran torino, hollie said, stamped, and scene changed, to, its him in, she said, like, light scene she said, with, its, male hollie in, and hollie drove her, she said, 1971 torino Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and the said: 5-10-2011-thats, hollie, showed, its, stringtown apostolic church building, like white building, bu angel coming out, and building shaking like static but grew higher, thats many churches in indianapolis, hollie came out, showed, it appeared, and, those churches, were, sinking, bob thats good, hollie showed, cut it off, she said, showed, thats many people not being able to get in and walk away sad, hollie screamed, showed, its, hollie said, showed, thats, angel taking up offering, its at, but, it grew hollie said, it, over flew, bob, you, knowed, knew it, hollie said, why did he say, this is what hollie said, he, said, jumpy hollie said, wearing new hat but only head seen, she was, like stunned look, pope in the fire, I warn said his caregiver, but didnt move mouth, dressed like elf, hes light, round, head, mouth open, teeth there, hollie showed, record, she said, salute, its bin laden shot, jumpy hollie said, thats dead, its usama bin laden, but scene changes, and he, hollie like light he hollie, comes, out, showed, fighting, hollie, looked at bobs church, new world order apostolic church, exits, hollie says, just, look, thats hollie typing in google and finding, shakes, head, nothing, but bob thinks, I love it, bob and Jesus said, put it under, that, hollie pointed, new world order apostolic church is born, he said, jumpy hollie said, leave it alone, said, it Jesus hollie said, showed, war, pope said, with hu, hintao there, pope next to, he said, jumpy hollie said, hollie came out, she, jumpy hollie had on dress and white shirt, leaped, but pen in hand and turned, bob, thats, hollie said, your church building with angel coming out, its like static, hollie showed, its shaking, sinking and rising, thats world appearing on, thats name appearing on it, one world apostolic church, i'm church angel said, happy, showed, he loved, name, had lighted hand, hollie clapped, but only hands seen, but she, was, there, appeared, but, in like, its dull she said, blue setting, put it under, hollie said, try this, one world government apostolic church, hollie showed, its one world apostolic church, with angel coming out of top, happy, but showing doesnt care, building like static, it sinks a little, then rises, higher then, hollie, and I stamp, hollie said, any church ever has, hollie moodie played, turn up the radio, on his, its synthesizer, hollie stamped, but she got out of there quickly, like light hollie but red features in face, now let me, see, hollie said, your done, pointed, its angel hollie said, hat tried to appear, white, thats Jesus laughing, but now he knows, its, exposed, nic reads bobs stuff and trembles, o, so this is what you do, a woman with life without limbs ministries said, torture, your children when they are hidden, God laughed, but stopped laughing, this is disgusting, she said, he is exposing you, its just uh matter of time, she said, and the whole world will know, record me, hollie said, thats people praying for your church and church growing and sinking, its the name bob, they come and play music, you pay them, thats fifteen per service, she takes, happy, hollie screamed, but, not, much, why, what for, she said, screamed again, but silent, look pointed, hollie, its pope, theres blue around, like picture, in its background, thats him, riding black horse, hollie said, gitty up, popon, said, hollie said, thats him riding to russia, its uh globe hollie said like blue world, signing deal with, she said me, medvedev said, it gains him some advantages, she said, i'm in control, popoff, hollie said, did say, theres hand agin showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, theres dome in, with him in, orange hair, but face appeared on, white hand, laughed, hollie showed, its alice in chains, but, hes dead not, its lead singer, but, and I stamp, hollie said, put on white glove, white light hand appeared, and hand that was like hamburger helper hand, theres uh dome in hollie said, with him in, orange hair, but hes wondering, got out, reported to, its Gods interviewing table, he wont let me Jesus said, went back to hand, bobs not happy, hollie like, shipmate salutes, showed, bob eat, two hollies, its on board the, hollie said, stamped, s.s. titanic, thats it sinking, its like movie hollie said, they did good, she said, thats bored titanic on bottom of sea like angel coming out of ship, but people are still flocking to it, thats hollie in, her, its, she said, God said, showed, his light watch, little submarine, I visit, she said, but lighted hand showed turn, i'm said hollie appeared, with white in mouth, eating, he said, jumpy hollie said, leaped, snapped lighted shoes together, i'm, another hollie said, white in mouth but amber colored hand, appeared, then rest of hollie dimly appeared, but she was like blue and something around head, its, boo, said, hollie, many, he, hollies, on hill but amber colored she hollie came out of one, thats, its geese circling hollie said, amber and light gray colored, amber, colored penguin turned normal but tap danced, its bobby we want you come back here tomorrow, one said, showed, down, with, amber colored fin, its glendale mall, pope, pointed, hollie, in white dress, drinking his drink, his caregiver approaches, dressed like elf, but, round head, just, no expression, but seems sad, go, said, hollie, like, get in uh hurry, but she showed, laughing later, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, God said, jumpy hollie, wiggled lighted shoes, tapped together, this is, uh warning, hollie said, showed her walking, wearing, its uh plad coat and white, head band, jumpy hollie leaped, rubbed another hollie came out, pointed, white finger, white hat, jumpy hollies feet golden and, like, three toes but like, different directions, not together, hollie said, hollie tap danced, wearing, its white dress, but theres, blue light in, she held popes hand like angel of light cat pope, he, was, happy but he hollie, a she one said, came out laughing, showed, thumbs mostly up, God said, that van, she said, hollie thought, hey said another, came out, looked, pointed, at hollie, she, hath changed uhlittle, you, its boo, chanted him, pointed, she hollie, but she was light, God said, its he appeared, hollie said, many he hollies on hill but one just looking, hey another hollie caught, he changed, thats Jesus telling her, catch all deformities, she shakes, yes, alright, hollies screamin for this reason, its halakar, they do buisness right hollie said, marine corp. hollie said, thats, like round head angel, of, light head, guarding, out in streets, became happier, plad coat on,
    (121)warn quickly-vision recieved 9-22-2004-in this vision, I saw an old friend, and he said, "i've only got a couple of weeks to live". He's only about 41. I need to see him.
    (122)al-qaeda-vision recieved 9-22-2004-in this vision, I heard "al-qaeda, and I said, "what about al-qaeda", and I saw president Bush in a vision, and he said, "they want me". From what Jesus has shown me, Bush wants al-qaeda to.
    (123)liar-vision recieved 9-22-2004-in this vision, I saw this woman, and she said, "I lie".  Thanks Jesus for warning me.
    (124)don't tell vision-vision recieved 9-22-2004-in this vision, I'm with a boy, and I'm thinking on a vision, and about to tell him, and didn't. It's like the Lord stopped me, so I did not tell. I believe He was telling me to stop telling that vision. I was told the other day that it is a felony.
    (125)amazing-visions recieved 9-22-2004-in this vision, I saw this pastor, and he said, "that was amazing". In other visions Jesus showed me that if I go and visit that church, they will reject me. I saw this other pastor in a vision, and she said, "why did he say that". I would like to visit one church or the other or both.
    (126)warn people-vision recieved 9-2004--in this vision, I saw a pastor and he said, "tell the vision".
    (127)healed-vision recieved 9-24-2004-in this vision, I saw this young man, and he said, "I got healed".
    (128)president shot-visions recieved 9-24-2004-in this vision, which was kind of long, I was made aware the president got shot. It's like people were walking retired govenment officials up some steps, one at a time, and was not telling them anything, but, was taking them somewhere where they were going to be told. The last one got out of the car, and saw something, placed like on the car, and he uttered some words which suggesting that the president got shot. In the next vision, I saw a hearst coming, and its lights were on, and I knew the president was in it.
    (129)church-vision recieved 9-24-2004-in this vision, I visited a church which arnold schwarzeneggar was at, and I talked with arnold lots, and he was nice, but, hessitant, because he did not know me and or he could not tell me what I asked. We sat a table, and the pastor said something, and next it seemed like we were in a gymnasium and the kids were running. I walked to the pastor, and said something like to him abut MYSTERY, BABYLON in the bible and wanted to know if he knew who it was, and he had a belief, but, I don't think it was the right one. Churches are playing instead of praying, and the gospel is hidden from them.
    (130)visions of Jesus-recieved 9-24-2004-I saw Jesus in many visions today, and He said different things to me.

    (96)president Bush wants al-qaeda-visions recieved 9-18-2004-many times this morning, I saw president Bush and he said, "hunt down al-qaeda for me". I started praying and asking Jesus who was in charge of al-qaeda. I was given vision, but, will ask Jesus for conformation. Lords will tho, I'm going to keep asking Jesus who is in charge of al-qaeda.
    (97)President Bush wants americas economy back-vision recieved 9-18-2004-in this vision, I saw president Bush, and he said, "i want our economy back".
    (98)ready-vision recieved ?-18-2004-in this vision, I saw a man who was an angel and HE said something like, "there ready to ask you".
    (99)cut off-vision recieved 9-18-2004-in this vision, I saw this woman and she said, "He cut me off".
    (100)visions of Jesus-visions recieved 9-18-2004-I saw Jesus in many visions this morning. In one HE said to me, "Elijah thought I left him".
    (101)prophecy-visions recieved 9-18-2004-in two visions, Jesus showed me a man was wanting a prophecy. In the first vision while praying, I saw the man, and he said very nicely and gently, I heard his voice, "can I have a prophecy"? In the second vision, I saw him, and he said, "I don't matter". Well, join the club, I don't either. The highest thing I can do is get saved according to scripture, and be a vessel the Holy Ghost can work thru.  When I had only a handfull of visions from Jesus, I told mine and other peoples, and God would annoint them powerfully. God saw that I used what HE gave me, and tached on more. Its not how we look at ourselves, but, how Jesus looks at us. If I died tonight, what would I leave behind. What would be the testimony. This person linked up end time prophetic ministry to his site, and it is the only site that I know of where the owner made a beautiful banner and linked without me requesting it. If I died, and he lived for 20 more years, that link may be the only thing that keeps the site alive. Praise Jesus! I lastly saw him in another vision, and he said, "I want material". I would like to have some things that I don't have, and this is where I have to deny myself, and go after what Christ wants me to have.
    (102)called a liar-vision recieved 9-18-2004-in this vision, I saw a all white man, and he said, "bob, your a liar". This man looked like lucifer.
    (103)trouble is coming-visions recieved 9-18-2004-i was at home lying down, and I quickly was given to visions, and I saw a man in both, and he said, "do you know whats coming", both times.  What Jesus has shown me is coming, and what He has not shown me is coming.
    (104)interesting-vision recieved 9-18-2004-God gave me some visions for a man, and I saw him again, and apparently he was scanning them, and he said, "interesting".
    (105)al-qaeda-visions recieved 9-18-2004-while driving, I heard, "al qaeda", and I said, "what about al-qaeda", and I saw a man who looked like osama bin laden, and he said something like, "never find me". I'm not 100% sure that was him, because I could not make his face out to well. Many times I've seen this person in visions, and he let me know he is dead. I believe it was usama bin laden, but, not sure, because I could not make the face out to well, but, if it was, bin laden is dead.
    (105)decieved-visions recieved 9-10-2004-in the first vision, I saw president bush, and he said, "the economys not collapsing". In the second, he said, "thats bullshit". Americas manufacturing is moving away. It's a matter of time. I just saw a woman in a vision, and she said, "It will".
    (106)china will attack russia-vision recieved 9-2004-in this vision, I saw president bush, and he said, "china will beat russia". China will have japan, and north korea, and maybe others to help her.
    (107)witch-visions recieved 9-17-2004-twice I saw this man in visions, and he said, "I'm a witch".
    (108)turbo broken-vision recieved 9-2004-I was asking Jesus about the turbo on this car for sale, and I saw the owner in a vision, and she said, "the turbo doesn't work". I checked and it doesn't.
    (109)visions of Jesus-recieved 9-2004-many times I saw Jesus in visions and He had brown hair, and He would say things like, "pray another hour", "its your fault".
    (110)does america have a new weapon-visions recieved 9-19-2004-in these visions, I saw president bush, and he said, "new weapon", "secret weapon", "un-guided missile", and I believe he let me know in another vision that it was lasar guided.
    (112)china president hu jintao-visions recieved 9-19-2004-in these visions, I saw chinese president hu jintao, and he said, "i am anti american", and in the other he said, "i think we can beat russia".
    (113)adds disappear-vision recieved 9-20-2004-in this vision, I saw my website page once with the adds at the top, and I saw it again, and the adds were gone.
    (114)rodney dangerfield-vision recieved 9-20-2004-I asked Jesus if rodney dangerfield was going to recover and I saw a man in a vision that I could not make out well, but, I sure recognized the voice, and he said, "no". I saw him agian, and he said, "I didn't".
    (115)not her house-vision recieved 9-21-2004-I was asking Jesus about this house for sale, which a girl I used to go to school with used to live in, and I saw that woman, and she said, "it's not my house".
    (116)got Jesus-vision recieved 9-21-2004-in this vision, I saw this Spirit, and He said, "you brought Jesus". If you have the Holy Ghost, then you also have Jesus.
    (117)pay-vision recieved 9-21-2004-in this vision, I saw Jesus and He had brown hair and beard, and He said, "pay bobby". When you pray, you pay. You want something from Jesus, pay for it.
    (118)sign guestbooks-visions recieved 9-21-2004-twice Jesus showed me in HIS way to sign guestbooks.
    (119)apostolic-vision recieved 9-21-2004-I heard while praying, and may have even seen someone, "is bobby apostolic", then I saw a man who had a beard in a vision whom I believe was Jesus, and HE said, "christian". I saw that same man again, and HE said, "nobody loves me".
    (120)called back-visions recieved 9-21-2004 -In many visions, I have seen people from my former church, "west side pentecostal church", and they are calling me back. Visions like, I saw the pastor, and he said, "come wednesday", etc. I saw his wife, and she said, "we need a vision". I saw these words written, and heard the pastor speaking them, "I was wrong". There were more. I hope Jesus does not make me go back there. THe last words I can remember the pastor speaking to me where, "I'm not interested in that. I'm not". THis was pastor donald winters at westside pentecostal church in indianapolis.

    (80)forgiven-vision recieved 9-11-2004-in this vision, I saw a former girlfriend, and she said, "I didn't mean to hurt you".
    (81)wanting money-visions recieved 9-11-2004-in these visions Jesus showed me the husband and wife of the biggest prophetic ministry in america. The husband let me know he was cut off.  The wife said, "we need your money".
    (82)dumitru duduman-vision recieved 9-2004-in this vision, I saw dumitru duduman, and he said, "seek Jesus".
    (83)cut off-visions recieved 9-14-2004-in this vision, I saw this preachers daughter, and she said, "I'm cut off". I saw her in another vision, and I heard, "she knows it".
    (84)tell us-vision reiceved 9-14-2004-in this vision, I saw a woman that I could not make out well, and she said, "tell us".
    (85)visions of Jesus-visions recieved 9-14-2004-in one vision, I saw Jesus and He had brown hair, and He said, "take my WORD". In the other vision, He said "my WORD".
    (86)decieved-vision reiceved 9-14-2004-in this vision, I saw this man who thinks he is a prophet, and I heard this, "he thinks he's a prophet".
    (87)have to obey God-visions received 7-36-2005-In visions, I saw a spirit that looked like sister rexford and she said things like, "take it off", "I won't have it".
    (88)how many hits do all the ministryofdreams projects have-vision recieved 9-14-2004- ministryofdreams hit the internet back in late july of 2002. I asked Jesus how many hits that all the ministryofdreams projects have, and I saw a man in a vision, and He said, "over 70,000". Praise Jesus!
    (89)prophet-vision recieved 9-15-2004-in this vision, I saw a beings face, and it said, "your a prophet".
    (90)thelma-visions recieved 9-16-2004-i saw a vision of thelma, a woman I witnessed to, and here is what I heard, "you know what thelma said", and I asked what, and I saw her in another vision, and she said, "your not my pastor".
    (91)russia will attack america-visions recieved 9-16-2004-in all these visions, I saw russian president vladimir putin, and he said, "we want america", "start bombing", "I want alaska".
    (91)will the draft start again in america-vision recieved 9-17-2004-in this vision, I saw president Bush, and he said, "draft".
    (92)Bush thinks about attacking russia-vision recieved 9-17-2004-in this vision, I saw president bush, and he said something like, "I ought to destroy russia".
    (93)come to "victory"-visions recieved 9-17-2004-in many visions over the last few days, I keep seeing the pastor of "victory faith apostolic church", and he keeps saying, "come to victory", "come to victory tabernacle". "come", "pray with us", etc. God showed me in visions that the pastor thier is cut off. I hope the Lord never requires my shadow to darken thier front door again. I have told some of them what is coming. If all the people showed up on time, more would have been told.
    (94)come here elijah-vision recieved 9-2004-in this vision, I saw the pastor of west side pentecostal church, and he said, "come here elijah".
    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-22-2011-hollie looked and wanted to show turn, but showed, just looked straight, its him said uh she hollie, but her, face went somewhat silhouette God said, go to abigail, thats what the angel said, hollie did say she said, see that man, he did not know who you were, said, it, hollie said, hollie moodie, he appeared playing his music but face went, silhouette, you got me he said, jumpy hollie just jumped, but wore dress, its got golden outline with design in, another hollie comes out, hey she said, thats, she said, same hollie looking that wore dress, its jumpy hollie, her, she said, but face changed, this is, warning, hollie said, this is uh warning, hollie said, angel showed, record, hollie said, and I we stamp, she said, did, thats angel rising, with, somewhat silhouette face, but hollie not seen but she appeared, wearing, its skirt, had mouth open, theres light in said a she hollie coming out, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, but, its, him appeared next, avenger hollie with lighted bear paws, tear up, hollie said, thats, showed, thats both beasts, is, the pope and hu, its pictures a he hollie said, coming out, hollie showed, run in place like uh golden hollie, bob she said, another, showed, lay down, had white gloved hands and, dark sweatshirt, on, he said, said jumpy hollie, leaped, when the marine corp. goes out, gabriel said, but wiped lips, but hand not seen, hollie showed, bob take bath but she wore red plad coat, another, hollie had, gift but people looted, hey said hollie, its same, hollie, its under economic collapse, God spoke, hollie pointed, had lighted fingers, showed, bob shave, hollie said, barack obama shrugs, its economic hardships he said, put it under, hollie said, showed, lay down, look, said, hollie like new hollie thing, showed, popes picture, but his hair went from brown to gray, that, two hollies said, its, pope appearing, its i am gog, he said, hollie showed, turn, but, only hand seen, the rest appeared later hollie said, look, said, it hollie, said, another, hollie, she wiped lips, look, she said, again, showed popes, its uh picture, she said, look, she said again, ,