God's servant love's a nice round balloon butt on men and women and anal sex all night

  • THe beauty of having the worlds only sex ministry

    I alone have God inside my body

  • your pet dog will run first chance it gets. in this dream received in march of 2021, I opened door, and looked outside, and it was getting dark, and I felt something hit bottom of my legg. it was my pugnose dog running out front door. I think I called, but he never looked back. dogs and cats live with you because you force them to.

    God needed a male body to fulfill is sexual appetite

    after the spirit of God entered my body, the holy ghost showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 3-27-2012-hollie showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hey look theres God new hammo, hollie said, hes, tall, like, slendor angelic being, bluish, hes, hollie said, hollie walked, plad coat on, she wore hat, on coat but changed, hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, wearing uh hat, happy blue angelic face but, its roundish, not normal, hollie thought, hollie used, the lasar comb, you, see, she said, her hair grew thicker, its fuller, she said, got happy, looked young, when janette comes hollie said, you got uh warning, bob, angel said, thats janette, pants on, plad coat, happy, but not looking, bobby she lived, hollie said, with you, its there, showed, twelve thirty five rochester, but, changed to Gods hammo, happy, blue face, bobby, hollie looked around, shes hiding, still hooking, but still living with you, hollie screamed, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, leaping, but showing, its walking, black, happy face, dress on, theres border in, with no bears, its like green, but, bears appeared in border, write the vision, make it plain, hollie said, they chant, jumpy hollie said, running in place, black face, started looking to side, boo hum, hollie said, area lights up, its him, he hollies, but hey theres little young hammo there, face, hollie showed, rinse more, listerene, his face night right, dark cloud appeared over, like, thundering in, flashed, but Fathers head appeared, its buske hollie said, like dull golden, write the vision, make it plain, hollie like bear hollie said, its the air sound, a transforming moodie appeared, hey it disappeared, hollie said, he hollie, ducked in his tank but not seen but it was there like lighted dull, outlined, tank appeared, Father comes, sees, like ghost, big nose, like black coal eyes, theres hollie that explains, light flashing from mouth, bob if you go home in another hour what are you gonna do hollie said, its another, but a heavy set hollie walked on treadmill, she ate, drank, but, only straw seen, go home hollie said, its, him, he hollie showing turn, but only hand seen, face, it appeared, but dull, it was light blue, hollie screamed, bobby, hollie said, let me see, it was Jesus, hollie said, again, Jesus rubbed chin, but hollie reappeared, like somewhat angelic, frosty dull blue face but rest not really seen but it appeared, she wore skirt, its blue, its like curtain, but she was heavier, hollie showed, turn, he had doggie hands, but, its, her, coming out, white dress on, showed, something with mouth, these hands not normal, like flat on bottom, oval shaped, but, hollie thought, just let it go, showed, lay down, on side, but was changing into him, white face, she said, jumpy hollie said, brand new appearance, white face, its dull, like, jumpy hollie said again, but, appearing different, looking, kind of down at but, dull yellow, showed, work, white leggs, but its him, she said, appeared, checking out, hollie twisted his head in the fire, happy, but head shaped not right, 3-28-2012-that, hollie said, thats ray, shaking, Lord I want it, he said, that, hollie, its new world order apostolic church, that, hollie said, pointed, but not right at, white finger, God said, hollie showed, its visions, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hey look, hollie said, theres Gods hammo, hes like, angelic, bluish, head, its, dull, bobby, its, freeservers ministryofdreams, like somewhat not formed to well yet angel, post them there, hollie cut the grass, today, she said, do now, she said, hollie showed, its van, raise your hands, and bobby wait after me, she paid parking fine in cash, thats van, hammo coming out, its van, coming alive, then sitting at, its Gods interviewing, but, hollie said, hey wheres the markings, he took them off van, said, thats, he hollie, bent over, painting it black but she hollie claps, appears, but only partly, up rose, its the beast, were the nuclear g8, its putin, he said, thats, hes back, God said, medvedev, Jesus points, your out, but putin is still there, this is uh warning, hollie said, I have news Jesus said, wiped lips, but hand disappeared, thats Jesus bringing janette, plad coat, and, her, being placed, bobby its with you, just wait hollie said, heres the sign, hollie wished in heart, she was heavier, but, thats lines healing, she said, do it, jumpy hollie showed, dark face, but jumpy mowed lawn, white dress on with border in and its kind of curled, like dress with bears in border, hollie like he bear, hollie showed, its, she hand hat on, its, call for help, channel six news, bobby thats man looking at, thinking, we want it, but hollie rubs, wipes mouth, dreaded, bobby its, they are, not wanting that one, its political reasons, God said, hollie screamed, bob what for, showed, gas prices going down but not very much, hollie showed, turn, its, bob get on hiway, but, hey theres Gods hammo appearing, hes blue face but changing to, not so happy, its him, same oh blue face, bob its Jesus, showed, eat something, but face mostly blank, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, clapping, dark face, its boo hum, dark cloud appeared over area, they were in, lighted up, hey thats Father in cloud flashes, like thundering, hollie said, put it under, he hollie showed, lay down, hollie came out, its bill board sign appearing, shes happy, turned somewhat to side, maybe looking back, bobby, hollie showed, its hammo appearing on billboard, it looks like, angelic lit up head, but not happy, changing to hollie, showing, its cars driving by, he wrote number, its, over twenty thousand people would have found out about you, hollie wore hat, its van, writing on side, head comes out, holy Ghost baptizm feels like body perfect size coming in, hollie put on, dances, happy, runs in place, bobby, thats, now over, five thousand people seen van and read, hollie said, soon, hollie saw, big number, one hundred thousand, plus at end, I did not know nothing, its, he hollie a she one said, but, om the m.v., its, wilhelm gustloff ship, sinking, its rolling, thats captain firing torpedoes, like captain smith, theres explosions along side, ship has face, head like angelic, it, shook yes, but showed, I didnt want it, but theres ship on bottom of sea, angel bored, just waiting, watches hollie come by, in, its like, flying saucer under water, hollie showed, lay down, she was on side, wiped face, bobby its new anchor man, hes wanting to do story, thats him calling, but hey theres Gods hammo hollie said, coming out of phone, like, with, whiskers, but bobby, its his bosses, they wont let him cover that, heres why, to much controversy, call for help reporter, said, thats him hanging phone up but not see but, it was, there, it appeared, hollie claps, face, hands seen, but, its pregnant body appearing, but not seen well, its janette, plad coat on, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted hand, 11-17-2011-hollie showed, its bob and janette fucking but neither loves, thats bob thinking, while he has her, hollie wonders, Jesus whispers, its for good, God said, soon, hollie said, showed, its pentecostal assemblies of the world rejects ministryofdreams, it appeared, said, hollie, from, behind, she showed, but only upper part seen but rest appeared like big robe, she put weight on, its hey theres Gods new hammo, its ministryofdreams light white face appearing, looking kind of to side, hollie bit cover off, its janette, shes at home, she doesnt want hooking anymore but has to, cause, its me, she said, doesnt want to work, put it under, thats janette in jail again, bob, weeps, he hollie, he appeared, hollie showed, but only partly seen, you dance, Jesus said, hollie snaps fingers, and its kicking she said, janette wants to fuck, hollie wont let, dark clothes on but like dark redish gray color, striped shirt, hollie showed, turn, like, its uh lighted, hollie, but, animal like face, bobby hollie said, showed, just play it still, write the vision, hollie moodie played his sound, get up, moodie said, its for me, janette hickman, said, hollie showed, turn, hollie clapped, but appeared later, raise your hands and repeat after me, its bob and janette sitting at, its showed, hollie, but, whew, its, can you believe, Gods new hammo, its like light roundish head blue well dressed man but being like, hollie showed, come on bob, she, blue plad coat on, like nice, pants but blue jeans, hollie came out, showed, its like moodie in like, blue, dull, grayish light scene like curtain coming down, its, drape, but, like, hollie thought, thats God putting scene together, its like, curtain outline and its, dull grayish light, hollie part of but his features like burgundy outline, hollie showed, its JEsus, popping up, hollie showed, turn, but showed, get in other lane, golden hand, go home, get drink, relax, hollie showed, face went white like, burgundy sweatshirt on, I'm screaming for this reason, hollie said, screamed again, but happy, hollie showed, uh picture, had on, its golden, maybe like bear ears and, it went, down, little like, raise your hands and repeat after me, it was like strap on both sides, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, hollie showed, turn, showed, its new world order apostolic church, looking, its confident, hollie came out, its big round angel head coming, out of its, front part of building, saw side and, its, showing relax, but changed, had blue suit on and, is that pope hollie said, tattood on finger, its, new world order hollie said, bobby raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, clapped, showed, lay down, but still awake, but fell asleep, she was on side, hollie showed time, white clothes on, thats bob and janette, you see hollie said, shes happy, and, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, living with bob for good, its at new world order apostolic church, with big angelface coming out, hollie showed, like big round head,2-27-2011-christian, said, its, hollie said, another, one she said, its another he hollie she spoke, playing his music, God spoke, hollie said, put it under, she said, wiped her lips, showed, her teeth, you want, got, playing with, me, he spoke, God said, put it under, hollie said, thats him wiping his lips, but, changed, its, moodie, hollie said, appeared, bob whew let me, its, record, it, two hollies said God said and a somewhat hidden silhouette faced hollie wiped lips, but hand kind of dim, God spoke hollie said, thats, hollie riding the black horse, but she turned black, and golden finger pointed, but some of hollie appeared later, 2-27-28-2011-this is maybe this is uh warning, hollie said, wearing her dark red sweatshirt, hollie played his music, but he, only partially appeared, and kept changing, you got me he said, sound, he said, and sound angel appeared, its like face pointed, hollie, I'm the sound angel, he spoke hollie said, bobby spacesorem, said, its him a she hollie said, but her sweatshirt not seen, just, skin she said, he wore uh, its different color hollie spoke, thats hollie riding spacesoarem rocket, in like, somewhat red sweatshirt, its thats hu hintao watching, its, you lure said yeltsin to hintao, thats, into, over, taiwan hollie, said, which errupted into fire, but hollie didnt burn, turned head, laughed, but changed into, its him said, she hollie, its hollie moodie, thats hollie that rode spacesoarer rocket fighter jet, fighting, its hu hintao on his red horse, you lure said yeltsin to hintao, alright i'll do hintao said, thats hollie flying out, hey said, a, she hollie, pointed, wiped her lips, thats, like hollie moodie fighting hintao, thats like hollie moodie flying, its old german luftwaffe she showed, happy, world war one jet, thats, its repelled showed, another, hollie, but he wasnt seen till later, hollie, his hands she hollie said, no, girl said, drops, its bombing, hits ship, but another landed in ocean, hollie saw, looked down,