just look at how a little excercise changed my body into a sexy machine

  • god entered my body, as a body. same size

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    dreams from god-received 5-2918-in one dream somehow the ship i was on, i got off. I was talking with a man i didnt see but i could see my ship, and it was following another ship thru ice path they both cut. I starting running after my ship on the edges of ice the ships cut but i wasnt catching it. I ended up in canada and it was getting dark and i knew it would be very cold. And the lord later spoe and said the company work for would pay to get me home. In second dream. I heard train whistle. It was at night. I was on sidewalk near train tracks. I could barely move and the lord may have spoke and said dont go. I get to tracks and couldnt see a train either way. Its like something i couldnt see was making it almost impossible to move

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    The lord appeared and said people wanted to have sex with me. You want to have sex with me? I want to have sex with you!. Did you know God spoke to me and told me the greatest desire of all living creatures is to have sex. I know you believe that, cause that is exactly what we all want. im short, and only five feet, and three inches tall, but I am a love machine and very willing. my name is bob hickman

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    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: ý11-29-2011-hollie came out, light face, showed, its, children laughing, thats Jesus wiping chin, bob its janette, almost invisible hollie moodie fucking again, sweatshirt on, but you to stay together, hollie came out, its marriage soon, thats pastor mark brown doing, hes happy for ya, thats bob and partial nude janette going home and living together, hollie showed, thats your house, but changed into, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, its, theres Gods new hammo, appeared, face changing colors, new world order apostolic church, big round head angel coming, its front part of building, hollie that explains showed time, white clothes on, put one hand on other arm, its cold, bobby turn heat on soon, thats angel on furnace, sleep, but woke up, showed, working hard, hollie showed, its good, will work, thats new world order apostolic church, bob thats you and janette living in, for good, thats bob old, but wheres janette, shes hiding out in basement, partially nude, but, thats still sex, moodie did, thats moodie making the music, this is hollie, thats black horse, happy, pulling, its stage coach, pope in, but, thats red side, hintao pops out, you see, these are angred hollie showed, its happy red horses, one like blank red horse, thats babyfleas showing, ravi lanka, its, said, raise your hands and repeat after me, said the tap dancers, theres both beasts, said, its pope, she wonders, his lighted head shaped like little horn, thats little horn with eyes like a mans, I am God face said, coming out, ravi sees, its hu hintao, i'm the false prophet, he said, thats him riding red horse, with sword, with, and its, the kings of the east crossing the great river euphrates, thats three frogs hopping out, turning into, its the three kings rising in persia, hollie showed, its, ravi lanka, she walks over, dressed real nice, its suit, help him she said, thats children appearing, and bob, telling many on facebook, lets put together a fund, ravi shakes yes, hollie stepped inside, a monster like, man met, light face, dark suit but face somewhat ghoul shaped, hollie showed, its halloween service, many, its, hollies flying up and down, theres new world order kings, its, hollie left, its new world order apostolic service halloween service, thats many, like, evil hollies looking out door, come on back they said, they flew up and down inside, thats moodie getting ready to play music, does, hollie showed, lets go get drink, its at speedway, she drank, but not anything seen, wore, its plad shirt, but not tucked in, had nice, brown hair, hey bobby, said, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, its hey, theres, Gods new hammo hollie said, his face, kept changing, she shwoed, hollie drove, its jeep she said, Gods hammo sang, licked lips, red like tongue, but light face, hollie showed, its jeep goes almost anywhere, thats deep mud, you wanted on the phone, hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey, its, theres Gods new hammo, hollie got licence plate, its at post office box, put hat on, hollie ducked in his tank, Ghost like Father, shoots by, big black eyes, golden like, its ghost like cover, but had designs, its, in, hollie showed, its another, legion fifty one tank, hollie showed, turn, mostly golden hollie, hollie showed, lay down, clapped golden hands, they were like leafs, but she slept, but eyes opened, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, he, looked like angelic being, hammo, thinning hair, but thats, hollie showing, big white hand, different colors in, its, parts for 1956 chevrolet belair, its, hollie said, thats hollie driving, its soon, bobby, hollie showed, run in place, keep, metabolism going, it will fix your face she said, want more visions, want more visions, is what he said, hollie showed, its cocky looking moodie playing his sound, he showed, its janette, fuck her he said, give her money, tell her, have fun, 9-26-2011-hollie that tells showed time, she put one arm on other, but she clapped, hey another hollie said coming out, pointing, but, face seemed to change, only hollies head seen, but, rest appeared, it was there, God, just put some light on it, hollie said, put it under, sh, hollie said, its, the prophecy club, stan is, knowing, but, will, let but, trembles, it was you, hollie said, that brought all of pentecostal down, put it under, hollie showed, cut it off, go, thats her mowing lawn, dressed in white clothes, theres Gods new hammer, hollie said, like, its big white face, eyes closed, has hair showed, hollie, surrounded by black, but, closed eye, showed, its two women, about to, thats them having sex, lesbianism, he said, angel, hollie showed, God said, put it under, hollie said, thats stan johnson dreading to call ya, hollie said, hes, but, does, theres Gods new hammer appearing, hes white like prehistoric, dinosaur man, shaped, head, hollie came out, showed, its, new world order carriage, its pulled by angred, these, hollie said, with black and and red horses, hey hollie said, she showed, with big hand, theres white in horses mouth, horse closes mouth, laughs, showed, its the pope, i'm the rider horse said, thats it, coming to screeching halt hollie said, in, its, russia, thats pope with medvedev creating deal, putin there, laughs, but, doesnt like, its i am God said happy pope, its hollie showed, the seat of the antichrist, russia, it appeared, hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie, said, many things, its spacesoarem jet, hollie dove, on his bomber, its, uh red, hollie said, he hollie, its hollie did convey, he flew like red flying saucer, blue sweatshirt on, but theres Gods hamm'oh, appearing, happy, at first, like white head, then, not happy but white in mouth, pointed up, its on the day of the Lord God said, Jesus high in heavens, and thats world below, fires breaking out, hey that shook, hollie said, hand over mouth, popes face tattoo'd on finger, thats its happy pope and hu hintao and its empy hollie said, climbing out of, its two horned beast, hollie showed, its happy ministryofdreams website like happy somewhat, partial face angel, freeforums, its bobby hollie said, hollie played the keyboard, made awesome, its soumb, sandy wiped her lips, hollie claps but hands open, showed, its getting time, she was restless, happy, but, burgundy sweatshirt on, went, face somewhat blank, hollie showed, turn, only hand seen, but rest appeared, she opened mouth, hollie showed, get on highway, hollie, showed, its, time to fast, but, bob wont, she wore blue dress, hollie showed, its soundesign stereo receiver, she had, face appeared on, happy but eyes seemed to not be seen but were there, but they were blue eyelids, eyes, i'm the soundesign, receiver said, you see hollie said, showed, its solar, thats making church heat self, using, its the sun hollie said, appeared, hollie showed, its the pope, record something, burgundy sweatshirt on, changed into, Gods new hammle, hollie said, like, its, like, bug head, happy but another, hollie showed, his colors seemed to change, thats, electric heat, they work bob, you need about ten, heres heating bill with all ten on, all day and night, its, hollie thought, about four hundred per month, but, thats, hollie messing with, hollie showed, turn, oh, another, said, coming out, burgundy sweatshirt on, but theres Gods new hammel hollie said, hes like bug head, blue, but started fading, different color, but seemed happy, hollie drove, its tank, ducked inside, its tear drop Father shooting by, happy, golden, but hollie came out, hey said same hollie, coming out, these three hollies are same, same one in tank, its lowes, hollie said, she saw wood burning stove, its, hollie thought, showed, wishing it was cheaper, about two hundred, and the lighted hand pointed, lighted hollie appeared next, had dark clothes on, its uh dark setting another, hollie said, showed, its toy, hollie pulled string, another, came out, hey she said, hollies hand not seen, toy spoke, said, scripture, God things, hollie that explains, showed, you got what you wanted, you got what you needed, she showed, eat and its church appearing, angel coming out of, front, it is front, big angel face, showed, I'm the church, separated, but went back, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, hollie showed, sleep, clapped hands, dark setting, got back up, showed, its, git the phone, she said, its stan johnson, telling bob, come on, thats bob, on, its the prophecy club, showed, hollie but theres Gods hammer appearing with blank face, light head, kind of round, hollie thought, now they, you knew, hollie said, stan shakes yes, hollie screamy for this reason, thats hollie showing with big white hand, another, its 1973 volks wagon bugg, still being used, lets motor hollie said, like white angel hollie, 6-7-2011-thats, theres, hollie said, hand showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, its, white and, its, shaking, but, theres, uh dome in, its with him in, happy, theres pope showed, hollie, clapped her hands, showed, bobs its talk radio, dont do hollie said, did convey, popus hollie said, rode black, horse, stopped into, its russia, stamped, hollie, wore, clothes, its, my deal, pope said, signs with, me medvedev did say, hollie said, its marine guard hollie said, did convey, like angel round, head, dressed showed, hollie, like lightface herself, like marine, thats him, guarding, its out in the streets, its looting said hollie, many people ran, thats barack obama announcing as hollie holds her gift, its under, he said, but hollie comes out, economic collapse, God said, barack didnt say, hollie made, leave, hollie linked up squib, thats angelhead appearing, its squib ministryofdreams, thats, end time prophetic ministry, hollie works with persecution, wore, white clothes, its, hollie, rode the red horse, its, bob, hollie said, hes, the biblical peace taker off the world, heres how, thats, JEsus, riding, its, white horse, its, like, conquerer hollie said, did convey, thats, elijah, God said, thats, bob, moving waves of, its trouble, acrossed world, he wore, its dark blue suit, but, his, ship agin, said, its, babyfleas, o i'm the m.v. ship said, wilhelm gustloff ship appeared, then with angel coming out, three explosions along side, its, o, ship, said, sank, waits on, its bottom of sea, theres hand, hollie said, sprinkling, Jesus appeared later, wearing, its white clothes, bear arose, its, devor hollie said, hollie like bear shakes, yes, thats, hollie comes out, its, nucelar n.a.t.o. lands, with nuclear fires, but theres comes noise hollie said, its, they shower, whew, looky hollie said, thats hundreds, thats all striking russia, exploded, world shook, thats, smoke rising up in, its sun and moons face, sun held nose, moon got crazy, but both met at, its Gods interviewing table, stamped he hollie, but he wasnt seen, but, appeared later, its i'm one said, both kept changing at Gods interviewing table, its spacesoarer rocket, hollie said, pointed, he flew, she, said, its, into, over, that, hollie said, taiwan exploded, thats hu hintao watching, launching, hollie showed, turn air conditioner on, bob its for people hollie said, thats them showing, its hu hintao, hollie said, thats, him fighting and, I, we, stamp, hollie said, thats, hollie fighting back, two light swords, its, but colors kept changing hollie said, thats another hollie flying out, its, old world war two air craft, it dives and bombs ship, its direct hit, hollie in pilots attire, appeared, showed, that, she, showed, write the vision, but, body disappeared, that a, its, him, she, hollie said, appeared, hollies screamin, she, showed, another, hollie said, turn, but only hands appeared, hey, let me, said, its, uh she hollie, another said, but its him coming out like hollie showed, thinks, dark, but, light brown hands, white robe, rest of her appeared later, im she said, white in mouth, he hollie points, long lighted shaft finger, pope in the fire, hollie said, drinking drink, flames roared, he hollie appeared there to, white robe on, its, i'm said caregiver, in his heart, like lighted round head, but other caregiver appeared, mouth open, hollie points, teeth seen, but pointy hat of light, hollie showed, go back here for uh minute, she said, but it was him that showed, both, hollie slapt his face, again, but heard like to the side but its she hollie appearing making slap, God appears, tell, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie, it appeared, hollie said, she, clapped hands, but jumpy was turned to side, hollie and God said, hollie in the fire, I twisted he said, but got happy as flames, they soar hollie said, did convey, hollie showed, turn, like uh golden him, said uh, this is she, two, he, its him, she said, did convey, hollies played their music, one got down, he said, jumpy hollie said, showed, computer, thats, its sattelite, its him she hollie said, watched, as thats missile approaching, then striking, exploding, its putin, its cause i'm the beast, hollie said, but thats barack obama, many rockets left, thats, its nuclear n.a.t.o. lands burning, russia exploding, but thats, computers shaky, but still working, in, its nuclear n.a.t.o. hollie said, dragon rose, i'm the g8, putin said, hollie drove, its the ady gil, she said, like angel ady, but sinking, thats its skipper, its your fault, I know pete said then appeared at Gods interviewing table, hollie showed, its, talk radio, thats, hand agin, showing, you did need him, its hollie showed, hollie points, theres uh dome in, with, its me, hollie said, in, like, precious hollie moodie but hair changed, hollie comes out, let me explain she said, jumpy hollie showed, get busy but was turned to side and changed,2-27-2011-whew, said, hollie, its in the name, she said, of, its, JEsus, she, said, he appeared, God said, but, thats God wiping his, side, wearing uh, hollie said, its uh, white clothes, God and hollie said, you see its in the name, Jesus, said, i'm Christ, God spoke, so, baptise, in, My name, showed, Jesus, its, Jesus Christ, 2-28-2011-that was hollie, marvin, she spoke, many hollies said, God, did say, she said, she wore uh, its, dark red sweatshirt, but, showed eat, Jesus, did say, she said, wearing her sweatshirt, this the vision said it him a she and a he hollie said God said, hollie showed he can not post a she hollie said, put it under, he said, she did say, said him she said God, did say hollie said, showed be quiet, wore uh dark red red sweatshirt hollie spoke, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, its hollie, said another, one, thats, freeservers ministry of dreams angel appearing like, its somewhat silhouette faced angel, hollie spoke, theres angel with, theres blue in face hollie said, and light white, color she said, but face somewhat silhouette, i'm first said, its, the Ministry of Dreams, hollie said, angel, appearing, hollie showed, and, I record, she said, thats hollie stamping, but only some of her appeared, Jesus spoke, hollie showed, eat, and, its post angel like the ministryofdreams angel, the same hollie said, like mostly blue silhouette faced angel, but, some features started to appear she said, let me stamp, said, hollie, showed, bobby eat something, had on, its uh dark red sweatshirt but like post angel appeared, God spoke, it, he transformed hollie said, but she reappeared with red sweatshirt and no head but, it dimly appeared, hey pointed another hollie coming out, it was different hollie, in like blue, she was, outlined in dark color Jesus did say hollie said, bobby said, its, hollie, another, hollie said, hey pointed same hollie, that came out, its, same two hollies and she wore uh, said, that hollie, but her, head disappeared, all three God said, wore red sweatshirts, but they all appeared, but, differently Jesus spoke, thats pope appearing, bobby pope aint gonna let me do it, said, it hollie another, said, thats hollie riding black horse, but, changed into, its an angel of light hollie said, its, pope hollie spoke, bobby git food hollie said, thats her handing out food, wearing, its red plad coat, thats animals getting, like, its raccoon and possum, they hunger hollie said, thats sad looking possum, hollie and Jesus said, thats hollie getting food out of, its dumpster, she got in, God said,