What do you want people to think about you after they look at you?

  • god went into my body, as a body. same size

  • sex is the only reason God saved me

    why are people in my house-dream received 9-14-2022-in this dream, I buy this big house. and I am inside, and its full of people upstairs. I am up there. I see like an old wood burning stove that is gas, and its hot, and theres even a second new there, thats not hooked up. Im downstairs, and theres people, a woman touches me and said my skin feels electric, and sticky, something like that. I was trying to pull me up online, God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. my phone wouldnt do it. I wanted to call police to get these people out, and couldnt cause phone slow.
    sex with my wife dream-received about 10-2018-in this dream. I was having sex with my wife, and after I had an orgasm, she got ontop and I pumped her some more, but she was on top. and jesus told me to do it like that. seems like tho, after I get off, im done.

    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 1-4-2012-turn, hollie said, showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, showed, work, its bob living with janette, thats her, and them, hollie had golden doggie like face, hollie smiles, shows, its church, she comes out, its arabs, she said, leave them alone, burgundy sweatshirt on, thats hammosizing, bobby, excercise, hollie said, showed, its thermo-genic herbs, bobby dont, hollie said, showed, janette, put hands on bobs lips, talk to much, let her, then fuck, thats, moodie fucking a, janette thats, being, brought you, its, trail, JEsus said, burgundy sweatshirt on, 11-26-2011-hollie showed, eat, God said, put it under, thats, her eating again, bob its your weight, gain, she said, janette loves it, its humor, emenegger hickman said, hollie said, put it under, hollie, bob, watch your time, hollie and God said, she had white clothes on, and put one hand on other arm, God said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey, its, theres, Gods new hammo, hollie said, hes like smarty, angelic being, hollie, showed, picture, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie said, its the licence plate, her nose grew, and she got, theres Gods hammo but changed to Father, happy, thats her retrieving, its from post office box, thats bob and janette fucking, but really its moodie, gray sweatshirt on, its i'm the nuclear g8, its popey, poepon did say, hollie said, thats yellow fire, countries burning, smoke rising, no way, moon said, sun glasses on, its i'm sun said, happy, bob, its Jesus said, did convey, but he was somewhat angering, burgundy sweatshirt on, showed, lets calm, but hollie dimly seen, but like, grayish, happy, thats uh moodie with pointy nose, raise your hands and repeat after me, he tapped on bell, burgundy sweatshirt on, but hey, it went blue, moodie changes to, Lord, hollie said, hollie walked, its coat on, showed, cold, hollie played his music, but wouldnt tell how he did it, he said, hollie did say, but jumpy hollie reappears, claps, golden monkey lips, its hollie that explains, leave it alone thats what hollie said, its moodie she said, i was playing my sound he said, something went wrong jesus said, its janette a couple of hollies said, she is now with nobody, they have all forsook god said, bobby now be cool jesus said, hollier walked in walmart with uh plad coat on, another hollie like uh gray screamed, hollie coughs God said, its janette hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me hollie sang, she wanted, god looked around, cocky lookiing, money for nothing, thats moodie making love, bob do it or nothing he said, gray sweatshirt on hollie said, Got it she said, now she showed, just wait, its janette, thats both, bob and her, partially nude, he fucked real quick but left, she loved, but started walking, thats police arresting again, oh bob she said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, but its to late, thats her in police car, hollie showed, sign, its ratt, still singing, thats hollie with Jesus inside, its me she said, hollie showed, he wont speak, but watching with Jesus, both laugh as he records visions, thats them, bluish colored, its, on sidelines, hollie showed, watching, hollie showed, record, hollie showed, lay down, on her side, God said, put it under, hollie showed her watch, bob go get janette, hollie said, God said, put it under, then sleep, hollie showed, 11-18-2011-bob the Lord has said that, that when you scream, its hollie, and God did say, hollie said, showed, bob walk, thats bob walking but changing into, its hollie, hollie showed, turn, but, showed, get oil, hollie showed, time, hey theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, hes like, blue lighted roundish head being man, dressed very well, but changed, laughed, i'm the angel, thats the geese, hollie appeared, clapping, they swam on pond, bobby, we want you come back here, its circling penguins, there like, lighted geese, but eye are different color, bob, its thats janette, half nude, thats you fucking again, but fighting with, raise your hands and repeat after me, she loved it, God knows how to put you two together, Jesus said, just wait on me, its raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, the captain, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, its, like, captain round head, angelic being, its, the u.s.s. indianapolis, showed, captain hollie but scene somewhat partially spun, and she only partially there, hollie showed, bobby scavage, thats her climbing into, its dumpster, getting out, food, giving, theres janette eating something, thats hammo with the licence plate, its, like angelic being man, hollie showed, its excercise face, hollie told, raise your hands and repeat after me she sang, hey theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, appearing, like, little, almost roundish head being, light clothes on, she said, sleep, this is what jumpy hollie said, shes nigger but, golden monkey lips, hollie showed, turn, like uh cat, hollie, another answers phone like cat hollie to but different colors, its janette, she called, its polaris missile, hollie said, many of them, hey theres Gods hammo, he saluted like round head captain, that was many, hollie said, minuteman 111 nuclear rockets lifting up, and thats some taking off, but pilot hollie, bombed others, put it under, thats, hollie came out, part of america, its russian fighter jet attacking, its nuke missiles sites and, thats some making it, thats, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, its, hollie, nuclear fires in russia, its minuteman attack but thats another captain, hollie, shes bombarding, its russia, with, thats ohio class submarines, many, thats great britain showing, different captain hollie like, its similar to dog, happy, russia exploded, but theres their missiles, its striking, britain, australia, france exploding, thats missile leaving italy but italy then explodes, hey theres nuclear fire in australia but more rockets lifting off, hey you repeat after me, hollie said, thats bob and janette, its fucking again, but, its, I wont leave no more, janette says, heres why, hollie, said, she got hard up, you see hollie said, showed, its looting, but hey, its theres Gods new hammo, hes right there with, but, hes round, hollie showed, angelic being looting, its the destruction america, thats, nuclear fires right there two, its russia hollie said, disappeared but reappeared blue, showed, eat something, its under economic collapse here, hollie said, barack there with, to tell on national t.v. but, doesnt call it that, hollie showed, turn, but, then, thought, showed, turn the other way, economic collapse is here, hollie said, many times, Jesus showed turn, like uh white cat, hollie said, hollie came out, plad red coat on, get drink, go home, 11-18-19-2011-whats that, its hollie another, said, did say, a different one said, its ministries of dreams, like hollie angel, but just blue outline, its hair, thats hollie with, nice hair, looking like animal hollie, long like animal nose, hollie showed, time, its, show up on time, walters church, light watch on, gray clothes, thats hollie like uh train, its steamer hollie said, its, hollies face on front, she showed, its both beasts, but changed into, its him, theres hu hintao and pope, you see these two, thats them sitting at table and thats emperor of japan climbing out of, its two horned beast, hollie like uh red beast, she appeared, another, said, God spoke, they said, looking like stairing, but laughs, changes into him, 666 peace treaty signed for between them three, hollie scream, hollie appeared, its him, said, thats the, marine corp. out in the streets, but, hey, its, theres Gods hammo, hes like angelic king being, round head, somewhat, theres light, hammo kicked, like dancing, robe, people loot, thats nuclear fires appearing in, its the land of u.s.a., its, he hollie like ministries of dreams angel appearing in the fire, thats when, Jesus said, lets rule the world, putin, said, hollie showed, eat something, jumpy hollie leaped, new look, shes blue, thats hollie moodie playing his music, that, he said, its janette, its him fucking again, write the vision, this is, hollie and, I stamp, new hollie said, like, different shades of gray, long nose, hollie ducked in his tank, Father shot by like blue ghost, another, hollie showed, its old world war two tank, she drove, lets motor, lighted goggles on, hey bobby we want you come back, here, said, its the penguins, they circled, but changed into, its light geese, different colors, hollie came out, one showed, with wing, down, its glendale mall, then changed into, its bronze penguins, but one same as others, hollie showed, lay down, but clapped hands, still on side, burgundy sweatshirt on, hollie showed, when you gonna eat something bob, and I stamp, said, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, she said, new world order carriage coming, out, hollie thought, then showed, turn, but hand not seen that time, but it appeared in, like, its dull, she said, like round bear paw hand, hollie scream, showed, get drink, plad coat on, hollie twisted head in the fire, was happy, 11-15-2011-hollie appeared, white clothes on, showed, its bob and janette, its fucking, hollie said, put it under, she said, uto, hollie said, its bob and christine, doing the same, now which one, hollie said, you need to record, and, I stamp, hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, its bob and janette living together together at last, put it under, thats wrecker taking van to scrap, but just crush, thats unhappy van but accepts it, this is vision, go ahead and post hollie sang, raise your hands and repeat after me hollie said, showed, there, its plate on van and car, you see bobby it works, they actually look at but thats him forgetting, put it under, hollie saw picture, raise your hands and repeat after me, she said, its pope, she saw, but notices blue, its background, another wondered, like light white face hollie, its Father shooting by like man coming out of ghost garments, hollie ducked in his tank, you see hollie said, its old world war two, bobby you gotta git up, she called, its bad time, hollie showed turn, but thought, another, it him, showed, keep going straight, somewhat blank face, hand like eagles wing, but not quite, its dark red, stroke, said, hollie, a, multitude of hollies said, but hey, its, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes lighted angel head like, its new hammer head hollie, hollie got in, its mood she said, singing, patted side, but was gaining weight, thats the round face licking the prophet, its happy, hollie said, you see, hey, theres Gods new hammo hollie said, did say, running, its with the, looters, hollie said, put it under, its under economic collapse here, she said, did convey, hollie with barack, happy, but he didnt say, she makes leave, its the chinook, its he and she hollie, did say, angel flew looking down, like, its ghost angel, hollie showed, with, fingers, its, double beater, its the, fan, hollie said, angel came out, i'm the fan, angel showed, lookout fleas said, white in mouth, thats moodie playing his sound, thats uh warning, this is hollie, bobby its phone, hollie said, showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, Gods, theres new hammo on like, its angelic being, but more was seen and its uh burgundy, hollie said, sweatshirt started appearing, hammo showed nothing like angelic dull, its dengy hollie said, being man, theres the phone, but hollie wasnt answering, its God babyfleas said, theres Gods new hammo, hey hollie said, like angelic being man, dengy, dark colors, bobs, video, you bring the world down, God said, its, Jesus, hollie said, hollie showed, lay down, but was on side, clapped hands, its she couldnt sleep, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, 11-16-2011-hollie went to bathroom, nice long hair, red plad coat, thats hollie with nice hair appearing, bobby, he said, but, was, its, dull, hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, look hollie said, its uh picture, she, said, bob its you, thats janette having sex, loving it, shes happy, red plad coat on, she, wants many but, thats for good, its soon, hollie said, bob heres the sign, hollie said, its you, thats sitting at computer, and its, making me mad God said, jelous, hollie said, thats bob striking, hey its facebook, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, like happy light white face, angel, but rest of body appeared, but clothes appeared on, hollie seemed troubled, hollie showed, record, showed, bob raise your hands and repeat after, go to, its goodwill showed, hollie, but hey, theres, Gods new hammo, hes round head, little angelic man but nice clothes appeared on, hey hollie said, its face changed, humble like, hollie showed, time, bob let me, now work out every thing, Jesus appeared, hollie came out, to tell, God had janette and placed her walking away, plad coat, she, was not wanting, bob just waited but turned a little himself, theres hands putting, its another woman in picture, janette finds out and thinks, then she returns to bob, but hey its to late janette said, put it under, i'll keep you with your own wife, she will return soon God said, not leave, heres the sign, you will heal tonight, face and desease, he said, jumpy hollie said, jumping, leaping, clapping, monkeys lips, another hollie comes out, both nigger, its king of grecia, war, its, what I want he said, thats golden goat horns, coming out and raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, its hintao with flower out of one, hollie showed, its nuclear warfare, fight, missiles flying, I will show signs and wonders in the heavens hintao, said, thats before, pope, worship, hintao said, me, pope said, they depart from each, lets see, you really dont want no more visions, thats what your showing, thats what you need, this is, hollie with, loose belt some, its, hollie showed, battleship u.s.s. indianapolis, thats, its torpedo striking front part of ship, breaks off, thats ship buckling, fire raging, theres more torpedos striking, exploding, its ship rolling and sinking, thats underwater, it rights itself back up but broken in two, put it under, hollie said, its not trashed but in time they find, theres headlines, u.s.s. indianapolis, found, split in part, that is the marine corp. out in the streets, its angelic marine, light gun, and, its looting, gabriel appears, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, she is with barack making announcement, its under economic hardships, president barack said, but hollie celebrates, has dress on, your tax exempt, hollie said, its church, they decided, new world order apostolic church, she showed, angel round head, face, came out, its front part of building, showed, i'm the one, when the marine corp. is out in the streets, thats when russia will hit this nation, let me see, hollie said, watches, its looting, then, thats many nuclear fires breaking out, thats golden submarine, many, around america and, them firing, both coasts burning, we will shoot ya, medvedev said, its on national t.v., hollie said, theres angry obama pressing, nuclear button, thats many fire in moscow russia, hollie showed, turn, big golden hand, this is hollie showing, turn, you see hollie said, its bob and janette fucking, hollie tapped, the lighted stick, write the vision, this is, holler, many hollies said, thats the, pope, on, the, black horse, like angelic pope, prophesy bob, said, this is, Jesus, holler, said, lips got wiped but hand not seen, its him, white gloved like hands, its, blocked like something over top but theres wave, he said, jumpy hollie said, no monkey lips, its, angel, hollie ducked in his tank, you see hollie said, showed, its world war two tank, its legion post, she said, another, hollie drives, lighted goggles, ghost like Father shot by but mostly golden with some blue in, big eyes, hollie showed, eat something, raise your hands and be precious to me, please place waste paper in the wastebasket, this is hollie, thats septic tank angel becoming worried, hollie screamed, its facebook angel appearing, hollie clapped hands, showed, lay down, hollie showed, turn, but thought, big hand, 11-9-2011-bob its janette laying down, happy, plad coat on, but, bob joining, she becomes happier, white in mouth, bobby hollie said, got word from God, she doesnt need money, its, the, loot janette said, she wants to fuck over somebody and knows you wont let her, hey, theres Gods new hammo appearing, thats bob fixing something to eat, janette joins later, just, heres the sign, she will, call, many times, every day, and, I stamp, hollie said, but hey theres Gods new hammo appearing like angelic man, but looking like smarty, hollie thought, which way to turn, bobby git your tire fixed first, thats bob repairing, its getting another, stamps, hollie but, theres Gods new hammo like angelic light face man but colors kept changing, this is vision right here, hollie said, but was like hammo like hollie, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, its starfighter, he, him hollie said, did say, showed, bob keep, going, thats the vision, whispers hollie, its, big nuclear explosion, then all of america appeared, and, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie said, its him, showing, its watch on hand, six o:clock, many nuclear fires in, its the u.s.a. stamps he hollie, burgundy sweatshirt on, another comes, light face, wonders, hollie teeth, wicked like, but world spins, thats putin coming out and its serpent dragon, I'm the nuclear g8, he said, then those lands appeared, and, nuclear fires in all, i'm the funny face, its showed, hollie, somebody painted face on, its like barrel thats blocks, but changed into, its ministering spirit itself, like they use on roads, thats the phone, hollie said, come home janette said, plad coat on, just watch hollie said, had one hand raised, but hey theres Gods new hammo coming out of, its bobs, phone, keep with you, you will find, thats somebody looking at, Jesus showed, hollie said, dealing out the cards, but hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, sweatshirt went burgundy, hollie had the rid-x, but only, hand and box seen, showed, its septic tank, but thats Gods hammo coming out, showed, i'm the septic tank, take care of hollie said, they never go bad, those were excellent stamps, hollie but scene spins, like lighted whirlwind, and hey theres Gods new hammo, coming out, hollie got in his tank, ghost like Father shoots by, golden like, ghost body, like bell somewhat, hollie showed, its world war two tank, still runs, lets motor hollie said, she drove, hollie showed, turn, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, clapping, showed, bob walk, golden monkey lips, this is uh war right here, hollie said, its putin and obama looking at each other, thats obama pressing, its nuclear button, thats a fire sent on russia, thats submarines all around america, hey bobby its on that order, hollie said, thats both coasts burning, and its, uh massive fire, stamps, hollie like bear, in middle of america but hey thats nuclear g8 countries burning, thats, Jesus like cat ordering, its, british and french, returing nuclear missiles, but hey, theres both their countries exploding, thats australia exploding and missile leaving there, but italy exploded, thats hollie spinning world like bear, lighted hollie appeared, a she one said, hand showed, turn, golden but another, hollie appeared, like bear, hollie showed, eat, bob thats janette, half nude, red plad coat on, shes back, when she comes back, hollie said, its for good, its soon, this is warning, do something, hollie said, showed, its with the ringer sound like bell ringing, its, stock market collapsed, hey, theres Gods new hammo, its Jesus, hollie said, looking at time, its, janette appearing, she looked around, she wants bob, and others, put it under, hollie appeared, showed, go, bob thats bishop charles ellis, tomorrow, you see him, he will look at you but not be able to bring, thats new world order apostolic church, into, thats, pentecostal assemblies of the world, pope in the fire, its, i'm caregiver said, pointy hat, robe, they were, like beige, big open mouth, nice large teeth, come on, hollie claps, showed, lay down, she was on side, bob its hollie another, said, changed into, its him, light face, sweatshirt went from red to burgundy, hollie on, phone, its, janette, come she said, home, 11-10-2011-prophesy, its Jesus, God, hollie said, thats, janette, behind bars again, but thats her, giving head, to an old man, put it under, hollie said, you should have, pointed, I know, janette emenegger said, but thats her, coming out of prison again, right back to the same oh tricks God said, but this time, she stays with bob, and they remarry, legally, hollie dances, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie said, bobs janette, laying with you, thats, sex, God said, put it under, watch, its, right, now, soon, saith the Lord, thats bob squirting, and its wearing, uto, God said, theres, the horny angel, he, sneaky, showed, its condom, they cum, he said, put it under, hollie said, its time, Jesus said, for janette, to, go back, Jesus, its for awhile, prison, heres why, you using men, and they hurt, but God, but hollie spoke to, hollie saw, raise your hands and repeat after me, thats bobs lines filling in, its uh nuclear rocket attack, two hollies, said, but, one was hidden, stuck head out, and, was hard to see, its make out, hollie said, but its moodie, king of like, stamps, Jesus and hollie, behind something, and he is, moodie said, its pershing, God said, thats big Jesus, holding, they were scientist, you see I helped make them, Jesus, spoke, hollie said, thats many, landing, its, in, the good ole, stamps, hollie, russico, thats, mexico burning to, hey hollie said, I'm the nuclear g8, putin, said, thats, many countries on south america burning, but, hollie wanted to show more, and God said, hes the, loot, his wife, said, thats, hollie showed, its uh 1975 she said, pontiac firebird, lets motor, hollie said, spun rear tire, hollie like angelic hollie, hollie, screamy for this reason, two hollies said, one like, its head, she said, had like bear ears but thats janette sucking bob, its, dont do, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob walking at, its goodwill stamps, new hollie, its like, little bear hollie, face, like golden triangle, happy, but was fading, bobby its janette, thats her, hollie and Jesus saying, laying, red plad coat, no underclothes, put it under, hollie showed, just be still, quiet, and, I, stamp, hollie said, showed, comb hair, thats it, beast pope running out, but looked like, hey theres Gods new hammo, angelic man, hollie screamed, that was Jesus like cat lit up, showing, turn, Jesus showed, turn, look hollie said, big, light white, hand, its, old car from the, its, stamps, hollie, twenties, scene spins, hey, its new world order, hollie said, submarines are, right there, hollie said, look, its three, she said, sneaking up, on, its china, stamps, hollie, world spins but china explodes, hey, thats hu hintao riding, its flying saucer, and, its, taiwan burning, thats hollie fighting hintao on his red horse, and, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie, another, flys out, its, she showed, world war one, fighter jet, hollie had light face, nose not seen, pilots gear, she dives, bombs, ship, its repelled, showed, hands, foot kicked, git outta here, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, lay down, but got back up, clapped, bobby its janette, hollie said, she, hollie showed, turn, lighted golden hand but showed turn other way, hand not seen but it appeared like round hand, that was Jesus, lighted hand, dark like shirt on, thats, hollie scavaging, its in speedway dumpster stamps, hollie, but changed, hey theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, plad red coat on, its, the, phone, hollie said, angel coming out, it works again, bobby I told you it would hollie said, did convey, put it under, she showed, lay down, but got back up, hollie showed, when ya gonna eat something, hollie showed, thats janette, you and her, making out, its in van, she wore plad coat, she, thats her, hollie thought, still hooking, not working, but you support sometime, thats you and her living in, its, stamps hollie, new world order apostolic church, hollie showed, angel face coming out, like round head angel, but hey theres Gods new hammo like angelic man, looking to side, aging a bit, but happy, sweatshirt went black, its boo, they chanted, thats him, many, he, hollie s, their on hill, light shined in darkness, one smiling, showed, its phone, but hey, its, theres Gods new hammo on, not so happy, hes fastin, hollie said, like angelic hammer hollie being man, heres the warnin, Jesus spoke, showed, its bobs eyes, hollie said, lines appeared, thats twitching, but, thats, God shooting electric beams in causing muscles to stretch, wrinkling, God, hollie said, will fix, but, thats bob dying from fasting, prophesy, and tell hollie moodie, get outta there, he, said, pulling like gloves off, its janette, she wanted, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, Jesus, hollie said, its them, hollie said, money, its, the, loot, more, but she will come back, thats you and her on couch again, 10-30-2011-hollie showed time, put one hand on other arm, white clothes on, put it under, bob, hollie said, HOLLIE SHOWED, RECORD, hey theres Gods new hammo, appearing, showing, out, hollie said, like angelic being, hollie worked on laptop, looked at bob, laughs, its moodie, wearing, its uh white robe, but, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, like angelic being, hes overweight, raise your hand and repeat after me, sang, its hollie, showed, its line in face, its removed, both, hollie said, even that, thats face being worked on, hollie showed, its picture, weeping, its satan, hollie said, its wearing white robe, hes coming to his end, she said, bobby he wants money, he needs to rent uh place, tell him just wait hollie said, you, seek God, its uh network, hollie said, missiles flying, and its new world order carriage coming out, its dark, theres beast pope on, like angelic pope, pulled by, angry horses, hollie saw, one was grizzled, hes, thats angel of death sitting on, like, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, being, round head, angelic man like, thats him flying and its dead souls following, thats america below exploding but hey, theres nuclear n.a.t.o. countries burning, and russia exploded, world shook, hollie screamed, then looked at bob, stamped, but face went blank, dull light, hollie rubbed face, showed, its, confusion, face, blurry, but eyes could be seen later better, white robe on, he said, sleep, hollie said, changing, into its jumpy, hollie, showed, bob excercise your face, jumpy hollie had golden monkey lips, reappeared, but, its him, caught, red sweatshirt on, white light face, somewhat blank, nice brown hair, hey bobby hollie with nice hair said, but hair only light white, and like blank but strands appeared, turned, somewhat mostly brown, boo, its they chanted, hollie said, its, she came out, darkness but light shone, and, many, its him, their on uh hill, level ground at first, but amber colored she hollie came out of one, looking back, turned to side, just uh bit, but another, hollie appeared, wearing, its maids clothes, blue dress, white shirt, garment hanging there to, over dressed in front, om screamin for this reason, its l-lysine, hollie said, screaming again, its herpeas, she said, its prevents them from breaking out, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, but she turned into, its nigger hollie showed, but its him, that appeared, hollies screamin for this reason, looked at bob, afraid like, hollie had the stereo receiver, power meters appeared on, its, later, they moved, had like blue background but rest of receiver silver, that, hollie said, she ate, its chicken out of dumpster, that, she said, chicken went white, angelic like face on, that hollie said, that, hollie said, she did face lift, that, hollie said, they work, thats its, bobs hair, skull slit and that, hollie said, she pulled up on, stuck down, its like little scope thing, that, hollie said, thats muscles being sown back together deep inside face, hollie showed, turn, big amber hand, bobby he aint over hollie said, wiping face, its both pastors, put it under, hollie said, showed, lay down, hollie looked to turn, but its, him, he hollie appearing, showing turn, the other way, he said, jumpy hollie said, shes, its nigger hollie said, monkeys lips, there were brown, russia exploded, missile sailed down, thats barack with nuclear controls, its captain, hollie, waving from, its her submarine, ohio class, thats them, its shower, hollie said, thats many fires in russia and I stamp, hollie said, scene spins, but thats many states in america burning, thats putin appearing, then obama, both looking at each with nuclear controls, I will make war, medvedev said, but appeared on, its national t.v., thats captain hollie and its akula class, thats what you want, needed she said, surfacing all around america, hey, its we didnt know they were there, man said, but thats them, underneath ships, is moving, its sonar hollie said, thats, its uh grid in oceans, they hear, thats them mapping submarines, underneath ships, its like lighted outline, they knew but couldnt do anything, hollie said, thats them, its over one hundred miles off coast, but they fired, hollie there with, its ministryofdreams, bob like, its hollie, afraid to say, like, witch, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, amber hand, but, pulled one back, pushed one, out, then reversed, white robe on, but hollie changed, its him, like, smarty smile hollie, new hollie like cat, its that, hollie and, its doreen said, but changed into him, its he, hollie, titanic went by, its show, still being loved but its old now, thought, hollie, they wont buy it no more, hollie, had, its two sets of titanic video tapes, record, she said, heres why, its economic collapse, and its looting, then theres bob at home, watching movies, hey bob its scavage, hollie said, climbed inside dumpster, plad coat on, but angel round face appeared on dumpster, Jesus pointed turn, hollie said, but, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, like, its he, angel being like head, theres children watching, its bob, laughing, cause, its Jesus, I persecute, God said, showed, sleep, its the vision, hollie said, its, soun, another, said, its, the, leave it alone sorry, hollies said, submarines right here, hollie said, now look, she said, thats three ohio class submarines, appearing, thats china burning, hollie was captain of one, came out but thats, its hintao, and hollie battling, light swords, theres hintaos red horse, its, over washington state, hey another hollie said, its him, he hollie, diving, its flying saucer, its into over that, taiwan burned, theres missile streak hollie said, and its from china, hintao presses button, thats hollie flying out, blank face, somewhat and bombs ship, its repelled hands showed, but rest of hollie appeared, showed, eat, lay down, hollie said, and, showed, she, was on her side, come on, hollie said, but face disappeared, somewhat, showed, its janette, showed, bobby, you will be with soon, its for good, hollie showed, thats it, 10-28-2011-hollie showed, do something, she had white clothes on, your in danger, hollie said, its me, she said, put it under, hollie showed, bobby dont go, its to church, anymore, they dont want you anywhere, there hollie said, its pulpit, your own, janette joins, both pastors, what did hollie showed, turn, for, but hey hollie said, but bob your going the wrong way but looked the other, he said, jumpy hollie did say, showed, get busy, golden face, hands and, feet, but, monkey lips, hey another, hollie said, where did she go, hollies face went blank, light, red sweatshirt on, its halloween service, its at, new world order apostolic church, angel dressed like ghoul, hollie said, hollie came out, thinking, like dracula, but they all where, many hollies, its, he and she hollies, theres gabriel, all in halloween clothes, put it under, bobby your church, thats it sitting, snow blowing, but doing well, angel wakes up, like, big dot head angel coming out but went back to sleep, hollie showed, put taperecorder up, walk, its, shofar showing, new world order, licking prophet, i'm the shofar, hollie came out, thats angel appearing like, white, hollie came back out, red sweatshirt on, nice brown hair but angel went back in, i'm the shofar, thats it blowing and, kicking pope in his black horse, hollie came out again, showed, its, new world order apostolic church, bobby, get it back, hollie showed, wait, she said, record, later, she kicked while walking, hollie showed, its him, he hollie, riding, its diving, red flying saucer, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, its into, over taiwan, exploded, thats him in fire dancing, thats hintao and hollie battling, another came out, its over washington state, light swords, different colors, theres blue with hintao and angel appeared, not happy, like, hollie came out, angel, part of air, but hollie just fought, another flew out, its old world war one, f-87 fighter jet, drops bomb, hey hollie said, thats eyes appearing, i'm the bomb, thats ship hit, hollie showed, its repelled, hollie kicked, hey same hollie said, but changed, brown foot, hollie fixed, its back of van, thats her starting, its old stored vehicles, boo, thats the word, said, many, its him, hollie did say, he hollie, but same o'h he hollie stuck head out, face just king of light, hollie thought, but changed into the main but, kept changing, this is uh website right home, hollie said, but the main, hollie came out, shes different, appeared, hollie showed, turn, its, angel coming out of, its new world order apostolic church like round head angel, hollie came out, its front part of building, she had, sweatshirt on but seemed to be burgundy, hollie got on, its computer, stamped hollie, but hey theres Gods new hammo again, like, hes brand new round light hammo, he said, hollie said, coming out, sweatshirt on, finger pointing down but golden and not striaght down, but hey, wheres rest of hollie, she came back out but not as much clothes on, bob get dressed hollie said, its for, thats your pastoring, hollie showed, turn, come on bob she said, another came out, its him, white light face, eyes, nice brown hair, sweatshirt on, showed, hollies, its, hand, amber, big, hollie saluted, music played, its band dressed real well, hollie had red hand, on board the, hollie, stamped, r.m.s. titanic, hey she said, eyes appeared on, its I dont want it, ship said, showed, with white light finger, slits in its bow, thats how it sank, thats ice cutting right thru ship, its captain smith ship said, sitting at, its Gods interviewing table, showed, sleep, its new world order apostolic angel appearing showing take care of me like big round head, its, front part showed, hollie, but up dukes, showed, lets fight, but she, disappeared, but was there like hidden in, its, light, its the background, but had dull red sweatshirt on, its long, 10-29-2011-bob come on, hollie said, showed, her time, its, white clothes on, hollie bit he recorder, white light flash in mouth, its, thats, hollie but she disappeared, hey theres Gods new hammo appearing like angel being, part of appeared, and its new world order carriage, its black on one side, and its red on other, thats hintao on red and pope on black like angelic pope but angry, you see these horses are mad, black looked happy, red, making face but turned black, these are the same hollie said, hollie slapt his face, bobby hollie said, look, thats hu hintao, hes, i'm the false beast, he said, hollie went to goodwill, walked around, wore, its uh plad coat, red, striped, its raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, thats new world order apostolic church, showing thru with it, like dot head coming out of, its front part of building hollie said, but same hollie, hand over mouth, its oh she said, where was hollies body but it appeared, stunned looking hollie saw, she had like, shoes, boots on, that had like, crooked plastic straps, coming out, like, its carnival, hollie like, golden strap haired hollie, white face, looking cocky but sad, hollie happy on horse, its, big, white, but another saw, hollie shows, gitty up with hand, comere hollie said, she did her on own dermabrasion, thats, its scuffing, but it works, put it under, bob dont do hollie said, he, will fix your face, he wont leave ya, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, hollie got the money, had big amber hand, bobby, hollie said, thats hollie like God, weeping, its bob with janette, shes sleeping, but hes, its, worried, its about money, loot miss heaggy said, put it under, bob, work at the church, she said, thats bob on phone, its taking calls, have both ministries or go broke, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob dont pay it, you need uh tire, get that, heres why, that man, hollie said, thats him looking around, hes broke but needs, thats go back to haiti, hollie said, hollie did, its self dermabrasion, hey she yelled, its new dot head, appearing like lit round head, face, but changed, dressed nice, showed, bobby, its church, they chanted boo, their on uh hill, hollie showed, with big amber hand, many, its him, hollie said, he hollies, its, like light appeared in darkness and, but hey hollie said, its, amber colored hollie, coming out of, its one, bob hollie walked at, goodwill, but changed, another, hollie, wearing, its like maids clothes, blue dress, white garments on, God said, put it under, hollie came out, hey he said, red sweatshirt on, like white like face, bob thats new hammer dancing, hes round head but stick body, nice suit like on, stick, i'm screamin hollie, said, got gold, she shook, then showed, church, new church angel appearing, hes showing, cold, snowy, icy, its, church, sell, buy uh new one, hollie said, heres how, buy house, thats upper part turned into, its church, but, hey theres Gods new hammo, he danced, like stick figure he hammer, round white light head, hollie had the rid-x, she put, come bob, use some, she said, thats, its handfull in, thats, septic tank, loving it, like angel ghost man coming out of, hollie taps, stick, septic tank, you see hollie said, its, lasar surgery, it removes excess sagging skin on, kneck and face, put it under, it really, does work, hollie said, thought, lets see, they charge, its one thousand for eyes, thats eyes smooth, after, hollie showed, turn, hey theres Gods new hammo she said, like angelic being walking at, its, walmart stamps, hollie but scene spins, what for, hollie said, looking at bob, another, screamed, like, in, bobby, they fear you, cause, they know, thats ministryofdreams, woman said, its, hey theres Gods new hammo, hes like angelic light being, white, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, monkey lips at first but then just face, both golden, theres, another came out, darkness there, pointed, white finger, red sweatshirt on, but hey another said, seemed to start darkening, hollie showed, picture, thats uh fire sent on magog hollie said, like, its nigger, she said, dark hollie, dark everything, but missiles going both ways, in darkened sky, thats america in, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, russia exploding, hammo came out, showed, bob, face went blank, walk to church, its akula class thats what you wanted, need, hollie said, its her waving, its, like, its nigger, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, raised hand, fist from sub, fired, its uh network, she said, coming out, its rockets going many ways, thats, its nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, russia burned, thats world shaking but great britain burning, thats their vanguard class subs, shaking the world, its, hollie, four, showed, lay down, blue sweatshirt on, hollie laid down on side, 10-23-24-25-2011-hollie showed, picture, its, thee penguins, its bronze she said, turned into golden, bobby we want you come back here tomorrow, one said, showed down with fin, right here, big eyes, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, hollie screamed, again, but not heard, turned, head, burgundy sweatshirt on, hollie showed, go straight, thats her in dumpster, its getting out food, thats her, feeding animals, but hey, theres Gods new hammo again, hes like, angelic being man, hollie showed, hes got grayish and white light face, hey bobby, we want you, circled, its the geese, penguins, hollie said, stood, bronze statues but ones got amber eye, you need to leave me alone, another hollie comes out, thats hollie that explains, showing with hands, rubbing together, light in mouth, hey hollie said, hands went amber but where did body go and only three fingers, but more appeared, then normal hand, hollie showed, turn, like golden hand but white in face, hollie showed, turn, amber hand, hollie showed turn but he just thought next time, big brown hands, like feet, hollie showed, the pot, showed, bobby lay down, but clapped hands, got back, up, hollie that explains clapped but looked like normal hollie, lay down, hollie said, showed, 10-26-2011-hollie showed, turn, put it under, she said, showed, bobby its work, another, hollie said, God said, when ya going to record, hollie said, and I stamp, she said, but just white hand, and arm seen but rest appeared, more normal like, showed, bobby eat, its the uhleave me alone sound, hollie said, chrysler is coming down, its an angel said, did say, hollie said, burgundy sweatshirt on, but seemed two tone, I want my website hollie said, showed, its, ministry of dreams, but hey, theres Gods new hammo appearing, hes like angelic being, white light, no expression, but, seemed like up to something, hollie showed, its white background to, you see, its the sewer water, hollie said, shew she said, had like, bucket full, poured into toilet, thats septic tank angel coming up, I like it, he said, put it under, thats, hollie, loving septic tank, shew she said, she said, jumpy hollie said, had golden like monkey lips, at first, but went normal hollie, golden happy like face, but theres, other color in, more, hollie saw, he came out, white light face, red sweatshirt on, nice bushy hair, bobby, brand new hollie said, long nose, no hair, but bushy hair appeared, shes, ardvark face, got happy, showed, hair, moske, hollie sat on, its dome, on top of, its revival temple, thats windows missing and wind blowing in, birds now fly inside, hey, theres Gods new hammo hollie said, like big angel being of light, showing, its chat room, thats many people, hollie chatting, its war, sireen sound, hollie had hands over eats, its seven heads appearing, like lighted round heads but hey theres Gods new hammo, they looked like him but changed, hollie showed, bell ringing, but hey there Gods new hammo popping out, like ghost he hammer, saw, its bell ringing, then two, hollie said, theres gold, she said, red sweatshirt on like design in bell, hollie came out, its ministry of dreams two, new book, its by bobby she said, angel like ghost angel came out, she said, sleepy jumpy hollie said, monkey lips at first, God said, but, she thought, hey something is different, its Jesus looking stunned, rubbing chin, thats bob laying in bed, God you knew hollie said, hes getting you, its, hey theres Gods new ammo hollie said, coming out of, its open buisness account, its checking, hammer said, like white angel man, hollie showed, time, but, just hands seen at last, oh, its, i'm the m.v., his ship again, its babyfleas, did say, but hollie came out, showed, white in fleas mouth theres torpedoes striking, its the, m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, but hey, hollie, its lusitania sinking, just like, thats, german u-boat commander, and its Father dot head on, you see I shot it Jesus, said, hollie showed, turn, but hand just went to like, its similar to boxing glove, but that was boxing glove, that was shown, its red, its the loose bell sound, this is hollie, sandy wiped lips, hollie showed, its over one million in bobs checking account, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, happy, you see, I got, its the money he said, new economy, thats, what he said, hollie did say, thats people looting but theres caught looking hammo running like angelic man but came out, you see he showed me, hammo said, theres Jesus instructing Gods new hammer but face went like color, went to now let me see hollie said, blue, dull, shut your vision, hollie said, with, the, submarine sume, s,u,m,e, she said, now look hollie said, its akula class, clapped another, hollie, many hollies, there they are, its him putting bib on, showing, eat, thats janette with, its dinner janette said, you see hollie said, showed, its shelby mustang converitable, its, hollie thought, Jesus came out, changing, told her, its uh 1968, convertable, hollie drove like angelic hollie, lets motor she said, but smoked tires, another website, thats what you wanted, thats what you get two hollies, said, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, its, hollie, another, said, doing the hammo dance, hollie said, thats, its Gods new hammo dancing, like angelic being man, hollie showed, turn, its in k-mart, bob i'm going to have to make myself known to the whole world, said, its God hollie did say, boo they chant, thats, some light in darkness, its him, many he hollies, and hollie thought, whats she hollie doing there, but she was playing but wasnt new, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, clapping, monkey lips, but, hey, its gold jumpy appearing, like normal hollie, she was granted it, but, changed back, theres, Gods new hammo, hey, showing, its time, thats, God anoucning to whole world, thats bob hollie said, telling on, its national t.v., stamped hollie, but disappeared, another, showed, t.v. set, but its the hammer, watching, happy like dunlop man, heres the, decision, hollie said, no, him, he hollie, but hollie came out, these, him, are, ever changing, hollie clapped hands, showed, lay down, but face went blank, bob scavage hollie said, another climbed into dumpster, plad coat on, hollie showed, turn, went to, its speedway, got into dumpster, hollie showed turn, dull golden monkey lips, but he hollie showed, keep going straight, hands not seen but they appeared, hollie came out, its like outline around, in, its blue, dull, hollie said, jumpy hollie showed turn, golden monkeys, face, hollie clapped hands, showed, lay down, but got back up, its him, 10-27-2011-she said, jumpy hollie said, God said, showed do something, she hand, thats her, thinking, then laughing, but she changed, golden monkey lips, thats, its, facebook angel appearing like stunned angelic being man, thats bob and janette, its having sex, its again, hollie said, you will keep her hollie said, in time, just watch, thats janette in prison again, its before and after, hollie said, put it under, hollie showed, both arms up, dull red sweatshirt on, but hey, theres Gods new hammo, again, dressed just alike, dark red pants, hollie showed, picture, its, u.s.s. central america, thats steam ship, its paddle wheel, thats paddle wheels spinning, thats, its violent, its storm, hollie said, thats, ship breaking apart, its in middle of big waves, thats, its loot on ocean floor, thats research vessel, finding, its gold hollie said, but disappeared, hey, theres Gods new hammo hollie said, running, looking happy but acting worried, its economic collapse here, thats barack, wanted to announce but didnt, whats that, hollie showed, its, 1965 ford galaxie 500, she drove, it has 289 engine in it, thats angel coming out, change oil he said, this the website, lets post something, hollie said, hey theres Gods new hammo, looking like aging angelic white hammer, hollie, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob, buy razors, he said, hollie said, even jumpy hollie changed into, change your oil again, angel said, its in both vehicles, other ones, heres why, hollie said, in time, they get moisture in, hollie felt oil, its not as good, theres pope in the fire, and his caregiver with, round head, pointy hat, big head, robe on, its like they were dull hollie said, gray, hollie came out, but, changed into, him, showed, many he hollies, there was some light in darkness, he looked cocky, like up to something but, as light shined on others, it seemed like she hollie there, then amber color she hollie came out of one, looking back, but to the side, hollie showed, its laughing Father like angelic being, white robe, pointy, hat, bob your going to get in trouble, develop your own following said Jesus, and, the tap dancers, its many hollies wearing dresses but hey, theres Gods new hammo, there to, had golden long hair at first, but hey, hollie said, it disappeared, thats bob and janette in van having sex, hollie showed, turn, its her walking at walmart, and i stamped, hollie said, hey theres Gods new hammo looking good, angelic, being dressed in, its pin stripe suit, its dark, but different color stripes, theres the submarine right there, hollie said, but, then the vision, save it, but, hollie still there, her eyes there, its like blue she said, came out, theres like filter there, but eyes stayed right there, hollies face was blank, nice brown hair, hey bobby, hollie said, appeared in the blank, part of hollies face, nice hair but, showed, had like golden face but not normal face, hollie flew, its, f-117 stealth fighter bomber jet, its, thats turbulence, leaves a wind trail, they can follow that hollie said, thats how it looks, but cant hit with missile, thats missile going up, with eyes, looking stunned, like, wheres it at, had hands, hollie showed, turn, bob get, drink, come on, hollie said, showed, lay down but didnt sleep, time to get up, hollie said, its janette joining hollie in same bed, at moms house, i'm staying janette said, its emenegger hollie said, hickman, put it under, hollie showed, eat, lay down, she said, hollie did say, but jumpy hollie claps, leaping, but only monkey lips, face seen, happy, showed, lay down, open up, hollie said, your hand, God said, to, its janette, dorren and fox said, put it under, hollie came out, bobby, its time, she said, go to angel lopez, have service, have fun, stay, God said, bob left, 2-27-2011-hollie cried and complained, this is hollie, telling that vision, like a white head, said another, God said, hollie slapped, its the top of her, another hollie said, head, pointed, JEsus, but spoke hollie, hollie showed, record, she wore uh red sweatshirt, and I we stamp, its, hollie, she said, another, hollie appears, like, its round head, its blue pointed, hollie, wearing, same red sweatshirt, bob, git food, hollie spoke, she said, thats hollie getting the, its hard drive, she said, its flash drive, she found, bob hollie spoke, hollie played his music, bob he said, this is uh she hollie, thats uhleeem suhleen said, hollie, it hollie said a new one, she spoke, wiped her lips, wore uh, God said, dark red sweat shirt, bob, she said, its, a new, its billy, said, its little nell, hollie said, put it under, thats still watched, loved, hollie said, its, the, rocky horror picture show, thats, them appearing, singing and dancing, hollie said, who danced, God spoke, hollie said, like one of the rocky horror picture showe characters, put it under, hollie said, showed, eat,