The holy spirit coming into body of bob hickman is when the ministry of sex began

  • a sexy body is the most in demand thing that exists

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    spirit of God showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-27-2011-russia said, it, hollie, thats her sprinkling, wearing, its uh dark red seatshirt, but scene changed, to with its him in, she said, thats hand sprinkling and bear arising with three ribs in mouth, but they disappeared, hollies body not seen but appeared, Jesus appears, arise and destroy that, devour Jesus said, alright said hollie but bear shook yes, then laughed, then showed, hollie came from behind, tore up, then showed, sandy will, but body hidden, hollie appeared, like lighted hollie, showed, eat, hollie showed, lay down, like uh lighted hollie she said, thats the ministry of dreams angel like uh partial silhouette faced angel, its freeservers, hollie and God said, antoher, hollie points, its blue, he said, 3-1-2011-its, new ministry of dreams, its, woome, said, its, hollie, the ministry of dreams, angel, like, white angel man, that, changed, she said, it changed blue, hollie spoke, like, i'm, the ministry of dreams, angel pointed and said, at itself, hollie spoke, but, his face, theres white and blue, hollie inspected, its like light, bobby, its they wont touch, hollie said, put it under, she said, do, she said, post, thats, the, woome ministryofdreams, angelman appearing, like bluish light man, with some light in his, its uh silhouette face, hollie spoke, go, pointed, a, serious looking, hollie, another, she said, did say, she wore uh, hollie spoke, its, red plad coat, but scene changed, to, its him in, she said, God, did say, hollie spoke, like uh light hollie, bobby thats the, its, green, hollie said, spoke, she said, wore uh, its dark red sweatshirt but head disappeared, its chatroom ministry of dreams, angel, like, changing face angel, its, hollie thought, had fingers, big, that were golden, but, turned, light color, i'm, the ministry of dreams, angel said, pointed at self, put it under, hollie said, showed, pocket tape recorder, and walk, thats her walking outside, wearing, its uh red plad coat and scene changes, to, its him in she said, like round face hollie, its blue said another hollie coming out, wearing, its white clothes, but had brown hair, bobby said, its hollie with nice hair, winked, she, wore white robe, its like she floated, another, hollie said, hollie gave out the food, wearing, red plad coat, its to animals, thats raccoon taking foot, thats the reason, said, it angel, hollie said, wearing, its dark red sweatshirt, but, scene changed, to, it, she said, him in, like blue round head but colors kept changing, hollie pointed turn, hollie showed, thumbs up, that van she said, its still good, but rubbed chin and turned head, got word from Jesus, shook, yes, its worth fifteen hundred she said, she said, sleep, showed, jumpy hollie but she changed, tear up, put back, its him, said, she hollie, but he was, different, to the side, she pointed, after appearing with golden lighted finger, this is uh warning, hollie said, thats, its, him, a she hollie said, giving food to animals, wearing, its uh, red plad coat but scene changed, to its him, she said, in, but face kept changing colors, its new hollie she, said, but same, hollie saw his sweatshirt was another color, hollie screamin for some reason, she said, screamed, but, she, disappeared, and he appeared, then back, hollie claps, put back, somebody said, hollie showed, turn, him, said, uh she hollie, like, golden he hollie, but she appeared, thats hand agin, hollie said, showing, you did not need it him she said, its hollie showed, hollie came out, theres black background scenery, and, light outline, its green she said, theres uh dome in, hollie points, with shaft finger, with its him in, she said, what is, that, its, pope hollie showed, it, said another, God spoke, hollie said, what is that, said, Jesus, said, him, said uh she hollie, will you give me food, the woman at a.a. said, thats people running, its looting hollie said, hollie was there with her, gift, her face kept changing colors, wore its red plad coat, but scene changed, barack obama announces, hollie spoke she said, its under economic collapse, let me hollie said, om uh vision I can not post, this is hollie and post angel appears, like, its blue another, hollie said, boo chanted, a she hollie said, its many, him said new he hollie, many he hollies appear, but lighted she hollie with but he turned normal color, wore dress, like, its aunt jemima, this is vision, thats pope said, hollie, its uh picture, another hollie came out, I am gog, he said, hollie, did say she said, hollie in his chinook, a, she hollie said, and, unknown, ministering spirit hanging by rope, its, no head, hollie said, thats, massive explosion in center of america, then fires along both coasts, its from him said captain hollie, in her, its akula class, why did you need it for she said, putin appears, no, said, showed, it hollie, but another, wearing red sweatshirt shook, yes, but, showed, away, but kept smiling, showed, her teeth, but another came out, tell me whats, hollie, screamin for, screamed again, she said, me, Jesus spoke, he appeared, it, hollie said, coming out, that was hollie playing his music, shut up, said, its he and she hollie God spoke, thats uh lighted Jesus showing, turn, hollie and God said, he wore uh she said, blue sweatshirt, that, said, hollie, as Jesus looks at picture frame with his, glasses on, with hollie in, she said, sleep showed, jumpy hollie, bob said, it hollie said another, showed, popes picture, tear up, another, hollie comes out, looks, theres red in tears, put back, hollie appeared, but disappeared, her face was like somewhat silhouette, thats whole new world order appearing, in, its picture, hollie said, lets rule the world, sang, its putin, hollie said, prophet, hickman, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, it, hollie appeared,