check out the body of the worlds most physically fit sexy christian apostolic holy ghost filled man

check out the body of the worlds most physically fit sexy man

the holy Ghost came inside me like a body my perfect size floating into me like you coming in me or me you which is the Jesus born again ACTS 2:38 christian new testament salvation

don't let people in your house-dream received about end of june, 2018-in this dream, I was in my home at 501 n Tacoma, in Indianapolis, Indiana, and that is the home God entered into my body, as a body. same size. I opened front door and there was a family, I didn't know. I don't remember what we said, but, I left front room, and when I came back, family was inside, and talking to me like they were my friends, and I needed them out, and should have put them out right then, but I think I asked if they were leaving tomorrow, or where do you plan on staying tomorrow.

the hollie vision-vision receieved about 2-21-2011-in this vision I saw the head of hollie and she had brown hair and she said, "look at me".

hollie flys his deadly spacesoarer rocket-vision received about 2-20-2011-in this vision I saw pilot hollie and he had a red spacesoarer rocket, and called it, that, I beleive, "spacesoarer", and it was like, space movie futuristic jet.

hollie-vision received 2-2011-in this vision hollie said, "this is uh warning", and maybe appeared, and in another vision, she rubbed her face like frustrated and said, 'bob", visions received 2-21-2011-no, said, it, hollie spoke another, God said, but, she shook, yes, but, showed, away, i'm thru, she said, but, thats people running, God said, and its looting, and hollie was there holding a, its her gift, Jesus said, but, people stole, thats it, all over the country, God said, and, people like angels, marching, and protesting, thats it there, God said, people holding, sign, its, we want loot, they chanted, hey, they yelled, bob its easy, God said, its protester, hollie points, up, but, was, like dark hollie, its happy JEsus coming, and world below, has, face, but, thats, many countries exploding, and, big fires errupting, its on the day of the LOrd, said, its Jesus, showed, hollie, smiled and showed her teeth, God said, but, had on dark red sweatshirt, and, Jesus smiled to, thats flickr angel appearing, face turned somewhat God said, silhouette, hollie showed, Jesus appeared, but thats hand showing, you did not need him said, uh she hollie, its hollie showed, she, saw, hand, its light outline with black background scenery, and, theres like dome in, with, its him, but hollie moodie showed, its himself, thats him playing his music, wearing, its white robe, with like golden bottom ouline, theres, design, said uh she hollie, bobby showed, she hollie, its freeservers ministry of dreams angel appearing, like happy angel, but, thats, freeservers going to number one, like bobby, you prophesied she said, its finally fullfilled, thats hollie showing, its, zero catch, going down, but, only changed names, thats zero catch back like mostly silhouette face angel, i'm the zero catch spoke angel, showed, just be, still, i'll be back angel showed like white angel, but face mostly silhouette, hollie showed, turn, like lighted hollie, screamed, hey its the same hollie said, another, one coming out, hollie took picture, its bob they will take pictures of all of you together, pope said, it hollie said another, hollie, hes, in fire, drinking his drink like angel of light, heres your warning, hollie said, thats man looking at, its, ministryofdreams, and the angel ministry of dreams, appearing, but face somewhat silhouette, now bobby since its they know hollie said, thats God fixing your face, thats Jesus transplanting your hair, thats your gums growing back, cause now, your known, its at a.a. hollie said, thats bob changing, into, its hollie like she hollie, she wore, thats, scene changing with, its him in like avenger round oval head, like, but, had lighted bear paws, theres dull brown showed, another, hollie coming out, tear up, he said, thats pope appearing with, its brown hair, said hollie, scene changed again, theres, its blue, hollie said, but same o he hollie there, have your wish, said, it, angel hollie spoke, thats her, dragging off, its limbs, she wore dark plad coat, had long brown hair, bobby said, it hollie showed, aay down, she wore dark red sweatshirt, another hollie charges out though, looking, serious, hollie blew invisable balloon, hollie, its him, was on, she said, hollie showed, thats the crackle ministry of dreams, but face, not right, its like silhouette, angel, thats hand showing, agin, you did not want hollie showed, hollie came out looking like, somewhat angry, its light outline with black scenery, theres its, him in she said, hollie showed turn, but, took hand back down, hollie showed, record, and I stamp, she said, thats beast, pope rising like angel face but mostly silhouette, hey said it hollie said a new one, another, one said, thats like crackle ministryofdreams, i'm the crackle angel said, face appeared, but, went back silhoutte, showed, its new world order, its picture, theres pope hollie said, hollie showed, hes the antichrist, beast, thats hu hintao, thats, hintao slashing, its pope hollie said, its gathered, there in israel hollie showed, with thier armies, 1-20-21-2011-LOVE YOU, THIS IS WHAT i WANT, hollie, said, she said, God said, make it with, janette, Jesus, said, wiped face, he hollie, its uh, said, two hollies, God said, no, she said, I showed, i'm away with it, again, but, got angry, janette will love you, from this point on, saith the LOrd, heres, how, thats bobby, squirting, in her, God said, she will love it, but, dread coming around, cause she will know, fuck or no loot, both, her and God said, put it under, its him, she hollie said, showed, time, looked at her, its light watch, post, she wore uh, plad coat, red, she said, its, theres uh warning, said, it, hollie, new hollie came out, she, wore, turquoise sweatshirt, thats, man, hes, lost, but, tries, leave them alone, said, it, God, hollie, said, showed, walk, thats phone wringing while bob walks, its janette hollie said, they have, hollie, got quiet, sex, it, appeared, hollie said, put it under, hollie said, put it in the pooper, hollie said, hollie showed, eat, she, got, food, out of, its dumpster, thats hollie reporting to, its new library, its to wait, she said, thats phone ringing, its janette hollie said, sitting at, its computer, hollie stamps, wearing, its uh turquoise sweatshirt, showed, eat, scene changes to, like, its, dull brown, she said, with, its, him, in, hollie, said, showed, eat food, its, out of, dumpster, hollie, it got cold, hollie said, she walked, wearing, its uh thin light colored, plad coat, thats, hollie walking, hollie showed, picture, its, pope, with, brown hair, let me rule the world, hollie wore light colored, its uh plad coat, she said, scene changes, hollie stamped, and, theres, dull brown, with, its, him, in, she, said, hollie got food out of, dumpster, let me, rule the world, said, its, putin, hollie, said, showed, bob its janette, hollie just wore, its uh dark colored coat, just be cool, hollie showed, ITS COURTS reeling janette in, it wont be long, hollie said, when janettes in jail, i'll be cryin janette said, thats janette with tear, then something comes to her mind, when I get bobby home, she said, thats bob and janette, they wed agin, hollie, said, its, at, hollie showed, new wineskin ministries, she attended, wearing, its uh colored plad coat, they said jumpy hollie saiD, SHOWED, BOB BE GENTLE, ITS ANOTHER, hollie wearing, its uh turquoise sweatshirt, she, said, jumpy hollie said, marry agin, said, its janette, another, hollie said, wearing, its uh turquoise sweatshirt, bob your face, GOd, thats JEsus doing, its surgery, thats God fixing your gums, its, in time, hollie showed, then hollie showed, bob be easy, angel showed, record, hollie, said, its angel said another, hollie, wearing, its uh turquoise sweatshirt, angel showed, its america, both coasts errupted into flames, thats he hollie being raised out of, its flames, wearing, its uh, out of its center, by, its chinook flown by gabriel, they soared, and many countries exploded, and, its, dragon rising, with, its pope on top, its the nuclear g8, said, its, hollie said, vladimir putin again, keep the money, is, what janette said, hollie said, if Gods boy wont run me out to get, said, it hollie, heres uh warning, said, hollie, and its, him, said, new hollie, another, hollie showed, bobby, said, it Jesus, said, new hollie, showed, wearing, its uh, turquoise sweatshirt, God said, janette, wearing, God said, its uh, hollie, said, turquoise, and scene changed, hollie said, to like dull brown, with him, in, said, hollie, its over, said, it Jesus, janette, is, in love, with, its bob, now, hes known, all over the world, God shakes yes, wipes chin, he said, hollie, said, it, new hollie said, showed, its janette, love her, hollie said, showed, both, eat, hollie said, put it under, now, now its time, hollie said, take charge, rule, its, new, hollie, said another, God said, showed, his light watch, thats janette emenegger's brother, looking at bob, its, your dangerous, he said, he, trembled, God said, thats hollie playing our sound, said, it, leave janette alone, said, its, said, two hollies, hollie, but, she, changed, different, Jesus, said, put it under, hollie said, bob go to face book, Jesus, rubbed chin, thats it, him, said, it, hollie said, new hollie, with, its her teeth, shes, new, but, thats bob posting on, its laptop, hollie stamps, but, scene changes, hollie points God said, its like dull brown, bobby post those, God said, showed, his light watch, go, thats, its, said, him, said uh, she hollie, bob and janette, having, its anal sex, put it in the popper, hollie said, she, loved, but, is, farty, dont, hollie said, just give her, its, what she wants, love, God said, but, its, him, looking, she wants, hey he said, worship,