ARRAY(0xb191580), the apostolic passion, pentecostal warzone
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the Holy Ghost revelation, the Holy Ghost saved person

the apostolic holy war war in the pentecostal

from the man Jesus entered into like a body my perfect size, and the God inside her servant bob hickman who is not hidden anymore

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-20-2011-prophet hickman, said, it hollie said, another one Jesus said, its, hollie on, the horse, its black, she takes peace off of the earth God spoke, Jesus said, heres what hollie looked like, its, white angelic, God said, and his hollie appeared, but, she is not happy, its janette, hollie said, hickman, she, hollie dreaded, will be home, in one year, make the most of her, Jesus said, you wont divorce, or wed agin, God said, to his bob, put it under, hollie said, showed, dont, she said, showed, walk, she wore uh, its, dark red plad coat, but scene changed, its, to, she said, its dull light, she said, with, its, me, in, the avenger hollie said, like, round bear paw hands, and, bald head, light, hes, said uh she hollie, showed, be still, she said, Hollie did the shaker weight, its they work hollie and God said, put it under said, and i showed be quiet hollie said, its the beast God said, riding his black horse pointed, its into russia pope said, hollie showed happy, thats hand agin, showing you did not need, its hollie said God said, hollie showed, its lighted outline pointed a he hollie with uh big nose, there black background scenery, with its him in said a she hollie, its she said withbig nose herself she said, its lighted face, lighted outline hand hollie said, put it under she said, showed button lips, thats the seven lighted heads she said, like happy mexican president, Thats lula looking stunned, and God said, nicaraguan president looking stout, theres cuba hollie said, i will he said to medvedev sitting at table GOD SAID, Thats hollie said, its out of their wates said the president of brazil, she said jumpy hollie said Jesus, showed post jumpy hollie said, but she was turned to the side God said and her nose went pointy God said, put it under she said, her face went silhouette God said but hollie with nice hair appeared Jesus said,

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