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a thing for the prophecy, apostolic avenger

the apostolic holy war war in the pentecostal

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-20-2011-ministry of dreams, is over, thats what you wanted, hollie spoke, God said, but, its, with, the, space aleave it alone sound, hollie spoke, thats, the main ministryofdreams thief appearing, hollie said, its, dr. jeremy, but he laughs, in his heart, she said, but, you time is coming, she said, put it under, hollie said, bob, showed, hollie, dont, she said, go, thats, her working, on, its laptop computer, but, scene changed, and its, hollie, she, said, walking into, its the, carvel club, hollie said, she wore uh, its uh dark red plad coat, hollie said, but, its, the avenger in, like, bluish, its light hollie said, angelthing, i'm ministry of dreams, said, spoke, hollie said, it angel, she said, wiped lips, God said, 2-19-20-2011-But its him said uh she hollie, its dull she said, theres brown, with he hollie in like avenger God said, put it under a he hollie said, showed his light watch, wore dark red plad coat God said, HOLLIE SHOWED post on cellphone laptop, said uh she hollie and she appeared, God said, him said uh she hollie, showed his light watch God said, go she said, wearing uh, him she said, dark red sweatshirt,

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