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    trucking problems-dream received 6-3-2021-in this dream and Im going by memory, I was pulling a semi trailer near a trucking dock, and I turned, and it turned over, and the one in the dock collapsed. front was on ground
    russia will destroy with its mighty nuclear arsenal-visions received 2-28-2011-in visions I saw a bear arise and three ribs appear in bears mouth, and Jesus may have appeared and said, "lets destroy that", and america later appeared.

    people waste-vision received 2-28-2011-in vision I saw hollie appear like big hollie and she showed steel rolls rusting on old flat-bed trailer, and maybe same hollie pointed with like white finger at mabe street sign in indianapolis.

    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-27-28-?-leave it alone bob, said, its, hollie, smiled, Jesus, she said, he appeared, russia said, its, just my, he sprinkled, said another hollie, like bear, pointed, another, she came out, but only partially then another appeared, arise lets, awaken Jesus said, pointed, destroy, God spoke, bear shakes yes but three ribs, appear, are in his mouth, hollie said, thats, and who are these hollie said, its cuba, thats captain hollie surfacing in his, its akula class, thats what you want, needed showed, a, forcefull hollie, she showed, its they want war, she said, thats two more captain hollies appearing out of, its sea a she hollie said, hey she said, one kept changing, thats in, nicaraguan and mexican waters, its, they shower, hollie said, thats them firing their missiles, thats, massive explosion, in, its near gulf of mexico, many fires along coasts, there, hollie summed it up, its him a she hollie said, thats hollie moodie playing his music, showed, its anal sex, he said, dont do, he spoke, but laughed and played, bobby heres your warning, angel said, this is hollie, wearing, its uh dark red sweatshirt but her head disappeared, but reappeared, its blue, said, God, but, another hollie came out, pointed, its dull, hollie showed, turn, like uh brand new hollie thing, he was mostly silhouette said a she hollie but, another she showed, turn other way, first hollies body like light, hollie showed, turn, its into speedway gas station, another, hollie said, but she was dull blue, hollie showed, bob its eat she showed, wore, uh, its uh dark red sweatshirt but head disappeared, to, its him appearing like, dull blue face, new hollie, hollie showed, frustration she said, thats, hand agin, showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, theres, pointed another, hollie coming out, black background scenery, and, its, light outline with him in she said, theres uh dome she said, she said, go, jumpy hollie said, you need, to go home, said, it, hollie playing his music and I stamp, said another, hollie, but only head and big hands appear, this is, warning, said, it hollie another one said, wearing same o sweatshirt agin she spoke, bob said, hollie, dont go, another, said, then hollie showed, its pope, she said, its, i'm the antigog, he said, who is it, hollie said, its antichrist, it appeared, showed, another, hollie,
    have to work on my day off-dream received 4-8-2021-in this dream, katchy called me up and told me she needed me to work on saturday, my day off, and I was nice and let her know I needed to do it it nobody else would, and I asked her how long it would be and she suprised me, and said something like from 9 to 12. 3 hours. going by memory.