can you imagine God living inside of your sexy body?

  • I wanted sex more after being filled with holy spirit

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    America will strike north korea.-visions received 6-61-2018-in visions I saw the ministering spirit hollie and jesus, and they both said something like, "Donald trump will attack north korea, he will turn on him", and jesus said, "me". he being president of north korea.
    (132)I'll die when indianapolis nuked by russia-vision received 3-22-2005-I waS asking Jesus when I was going to die, and I remembered the vision Jesus gave me about Indianapolis being destroyed by nuclear explosion and I saw a man that looked like dumitru duduman in a vision and he said something like, "it's true". I believe now I'm calling this on, more than pushing against it. I don't see people repenting, and I'm being came against. The longer away this event is, the less chance I have of making heaven my home.

    hollie warns-vision received 3-3-2011-in this vision I saw hollie and she said, "this is uh warning".

    Jesus shhowed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 7-31-2010-this is uh warning, said, hollie, showed, its, time, she, said, to, work, thats, hollie, working, for, its, Jesus, she, said, this is, prophesying, said, hollie, its, she, said, looked at Jesus, fellowship of the Father, thats, staying, said, Jesus, in visions, and, having, dreams, revealed, all things, to, make, me, laugh, saith the Lord, hollie showed, dont steal it, she, said, the God spoke, she, said, call it, ministry of dreams, now, over, 50 people have, stolen, the name, I spoke, said, Jesus, remove, and be ruint anyhow, saith the Lord, thats, hollie showing, her, its lightwatch, bob, pray for these, she, said, thats uh man readin, hollie, said, thats, her light, watch again, raise your mountain and repeat after me, sang, its, hollie, said, Jesus, showed, hollie, and, big nuclear fire, behind, thats, its, submarines, hollie, said, all around, its, she, said, the, u.s.a., and I stamp, hollie, said, its, on, the, day of the Lord, said, its him, she, hollie, said, its, hollie anchor man, reporting, its right on news, thats Jesus, coming, and people weeping and wailing, for, said, God, they had it, all, and, that, was, still not enough, saith the King, Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 11-23-24-25-2011-hollie showed time, bob, its, licence plate, hollie said, its blue, God said, put it on, thats, hey lets motor, hollie said, she drove, its dodge aries k, again, she said, its comes, she said, thats her walking from post office box, with plate in hand God said, its the big one, hollie said, God said, hollie bit lid off, white in mouth, another came out, points, wondering, its janette, thats moodie fucking again, sweatshirt on, but janette leaves, but in time, bobby, she'll come back and stay, hollie showed, its match dot com woman winks at bob, hollie bit lid off, white in mouth, another came out, points, wondering, its, janette, thats moodie fucking again, sweatshirt on, happy, but janette leaves, but in time, bobby she'll come back and stay, hollie showed, its match dot com woman winks at bob, its, bobby, they call, thats phone ringing, its them, pointed, hollie, two beautiful woman, but bob your ugly now, old but they both, thats sex, and bob staying and leaving, put it under, bob its for free, that, hollie said, its bob fucking, I, wonder, woman, said, that, hollie said, she looks at bob when thru, laughs, but in heart, I want him, hollie taps, its on taperecorder, but, hey, theres Gods new hammo, coming out, hollie showed, keep going straight, thats the website, its moodie making sounds but face forming and then dissolving, you see, hollie said, showed, its the globe, hey theres Gods new hammo, its angelic face coming out but going back, Jesus appeared, showing, his power, grip, hollie, he said, is stripping, thats many rebellious people popping up and God looking, wondering, its, you he said, making me a fable and I allowed it, thats Father with son, Father like angelic good looking, clean cut, light man, with white robe, hollie showed, its get out laptop but hey theres Gods new hammo on, hes like Father with longer hair looking uh little worried, hollie showed, turn, like uh lighted hollie, tear up, its him, another, showed, with red bear paws like red gloved hands, hollie showed, its from behind but shes only partly seen, same oh website, same oh computer, same oh hollie, same oh janette, bob shes not wanting to see just you, its hollie, he, hollie, long nose, showed, its, the, golden flute but hollie like avenger came out, brand new hollie, hollie showed time, white clothes on, thats bob and janette fucking again, bob this time its for good, God and hollie said, she will, he said, but looked, got word from God, stay with, soon, Jesus, said, hollie coughs God said, its janette hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me hollie sang, she wanted, god looked around, cocky looking, money for nothing, thats moodie making love, bob do it or nothing he said, gray sweatshirt on hollie said, git outta here, go bob, it was jesus god and hollie said, put it under, hollie showed sleep, bob its nothing time, just wait, raise your hands and repeat after me hollie Jesus said with hollie, im the beast, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said like little angelic being, bob said, its hollie, same hollie said, but, different tone, showed, walk, she had plad coat on, looked and kind of wondered, and I stamp, she said, but she wasnt seen but she appeared, showed, eat, was like greenish colored hollie, but face normal, hey its theres Gods new hammo like angelic drop head being, its boo, they chanted, hollie said, light shined in darkness, many unhappy, its, he, them, hollie said, he hollies, their on hill, but hey theres lighted colored she hollie coming out of one but turned, normal, hollie taps stick, not seen, but appeared, lighted hollie, showed, eat, its the economy, thats, hey theres Gods new hammo running with the, its, pilfering, hollie said, saw many looters, he stopped and smiled like tall slendor angelic being man, plad coat on, its under, hollie said, economic collapse, he hollie said, but she hollie claps, barack lies, she makes leave, thats hand sprinkling, JEsus appearing, lets rule the world, putin, said, thats bear arising, hollie showed, go to walters, thats, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, do not give those away, hollie said, its, the, frog sound, hollie moodie appeared, making, you got this so keep it, take it he said, its janette, plad coat on, you see, its, hollie, showed, its, popes picture, but disappeared, hollie showed, its the pope-man, moodie appeared, playing his sound, its keybaords, hey hollie said, coming out, its lighted serpent, i'm the g8, pope said, that was the dark thing, hollie said, like, raise your hands and repeat after me, like, jet shaped bug coming, besides bob, hollie showed, turn, but looked, showed, keep going straight, big lighted hand, with golden around edges of fingers, hollie showed, nair, it does remove hair, hollie wanted to turn but thought, showed, go the other way, its him, big red hand, hollie showed, turn, golden face, hollie snapped golden hands, sang, burgundy sweatshirt on, its, two hearts, genesis, its still loved, hollie said, thats hollie like bear, showing, turn, then other way, but changed, then back, different hollie, but same, hollie saluted, its the german battleship bismarck, sinking, eyes appeared on, but, they scuttled me ship, said, but, i'm home, thats ship on bottom of the sea, new hollie screamed, hollie showed, lay down, its on side, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted hand, bob be cool hollie said, like worried hollie, burgundy sweatshirt on, but, hey, its Gods hammo she said, like blue angelic being same clothes, Jesus showed, turn, angel showed, record, hollie ducked in his tank, Father shot by like ghost, ended up orange, hollie showed, lay down, thats phone ringing, theres Gods new hammo hollie said, he appeared on screen, like angelic being somewhat, but hey, hollie said, theres, janette, shes, thats bob fucking in butt but still wearing rubber,