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  • God's Spirit has come into the sexy body of Robert hickman, just like a Spirit-Body. my perfect size. This makes bob hickman the worlds only born again, holy ghost filled, christian. Next god births and creates and Jesus appeared unto me in a vision and speaks: Ministry of Dreams. Ministry of dreams was spoken by me Jesus for this ministry, if you steal the name, or alter in any way saith the Lord, I will ruin you, and make you run to release.

    God promises to send a storm after me dream. 9/10/2017. in this dream. I was inside an old house I used to own. this is the house that God came into my body, as a body, the same size. my sister was there laying on a couch. others were there. perhaps owner and wife. I was outside, at nextdoor neighbors house, and I saw the storm coming. the sky was like black smoke, and there was like a tornado approaching. the wind was getting stronger. there was a tall tree in front of tornado, like in its path. I ran to my old home, but it was a corner house, and on the sidewalk, there was a box that belonged to me, perhaps had papers and other things in. I started to run for the box, and across the street another tornado wasx born. it was tall and narrow in size, like the other, but, the people inside the house were yelling out me to forget the box, and come inside. I did. I went into the house, and I said something to Jackie. I looked out the front door, and saw the tornado get to the very tall tree, and the tree was like exploding, like a tidal wave coming out me.


  • here is all visions and dreams on google blog-spot, i took off for now

    my youtube will not ruin you, but set you free

  • Jesus just appeared and pointed, what that. he said. then I saw me in line receiving food with homeless. this vision received 10-1-2019
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