visions from the master of evil, the dark lord, which is God

the apostolic has visions, the pentecostal has visions from Jesus

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 11-18-2010-hollie showed, record, she was, hollie said, she shrugged, now let me see, she said, you can post whatever on this blog, hollie said, we are spirits, she said, and, that is, pope, said, its babyfleas, running, she, laughs, and I laugh with her, said, it, Jesus, she said, but, she will have to give an acount, you see that moon, said, hollie, soon its light will disappear, she said, thats face on moon, showed, I'm the moon, hollie said, and, its as smoke rose, another, golden, hollie said, bob link, up, lets go, she said, i'm, said, happy sun, and fleas ran, saith the Lord, 11-24-2010-whenyou gonna record, agin, said, it, hollie, said, a, somewhat partial face hollie, with, silhouette face, stamps, scene spins, bob let me, said, hollie, no, she, said, I showed, away, she said, had orange lighted hands, but hollie shook, yes, hey, its, said, partial face, hollie, coming out, pointing, hollie had brown hair, hollie screamed, sam screamed, why what for, hollie said, screamed again, had terror look in face, bob, pope, said, it hollie, said, like golden partial hollie, shes face, thats facebook angel like, its, said, hollie, scene spins, her hand showed, but she was still there, but, appeared, later, dunlop tire angel, happy, thats, said, hollie, angel showing, its big nuclear fireball, and, its north korea, striking, its south korea, thats smoke rising, its we want revenge, said, kim jong, its, hollie, said, they strike, back, hollie said, thats missiles from, its, u.s.a., submarine, launching, its two tomahawks, thats putin and, medvedev, looking at each other, hey its like we aint gonna take it, he said, lets rule the world, said, putin, thats, bear rising, its, devour, destroy that hollie said, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries on fire, submarines all around america, thats edges of america on fire, Jesus, showed, his light watch, tapped, hey said, hollie, came, out, she partial face, God said, go, hollie walked, hey said, partial face, a different hollie tho, she wore plad coat, hollie said, and its on the day of the Lord, said, its him, said partial face hollie, its hollie cnn news man, being lifted up by helicopter flown, by, its gabriel partial face hollie said, let me gabriel said, flys his copter, its chinook hollie said, and hollie cnn news man hanging by rope, but not happy, gabriel flew, thats nuclear fire in, its venezuela and brazil, hey i'll place it said hollie, nuclear fires in cuba and, along mexican and latin america, its smoke, said, hollie, and copter lowers hollie cnn newsman in burning america, thats red dragon rising, its, lets rule the world, said putin, i'm the g8, he said, its shut up, said, its him, said partial face hollie, its hollie showed, with new hair style, hollie showed, tore up, put back, showed, its the beast, pointed, go back to, its library, scene spins, somebody stamped, let me, alone, thats what they wanted said, hollie, and, its him, said, a, only partially visiable face hollie, playing his, music, with silhouette face, he showed, white robe, you did not up, he said, hollie screamed, thats like light dog, hey bob, said, angel, I aint the pope, said, its pope in picture, angel showed, like light man, hollie screamed, hollie screamed, sam looked like, scream, bobby dont take it, hollie said, thats, being made fun of, its teased hollie said, screamed, thats hollie doing the video, tear up, she said, but she restored, said him, thats her on youtube, thats paul mooney girl and the lighted hand pointed, hollie said, but she dimly faded in, drank, wearing skirt, thats pope in fire, drinking, hollie showed, how cold oil flows in, its engine, another, hollie said, hands clap, but hollie dimly faded in, hey said, partial face hollie, coming out, hollie was like bear, thats, another, hollie, bob dont let me record, said, hollie, bob eat, again, she showed, thats, hollie, mothering the prophet, it'll be alright, she said, let me, said, hollie, thats, her on, its youtube, let me report, she said, showed, its, the, beast, pope like angel of light, hollie showed, lay down, snapped lighted fingers, hollie showed, go to wal-mart, wearing white robe, then hollie showed, appeared, with different hair, showed, its straight talk phone on friday, shut up he said, wearing his white robe, i'm back he said, snapped his fingers, but hands not where lighted fingers were, thats hollie fading in with hands, come on, said, hollie, on youtube video, let me, she said, and, I showed, both beasts, she said, theres pope like angel of light, I aint hu, he said, thats hintao appearing, hollie showed, appeared, partial face hollie comes out, his hair changed, I showed, i'm back, he said, you want that vision then post that vision said casey, thats, JEsus, like uh cat, casey showed, hollie, him, said, hidden hollie, but she somewhat appeared, hollie had silhouette face, you, want me he said, showed, white robe, but face started appearing but rest faded out, boo chanted, said, hollie, its, him, a not, fully, created yet hollie, her face needed finished,

  • Jesus himself is the christians worst nightmare